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Performance Media

Multi-channel digital media with an audience-first approach, ensuring we connect brands with customers at the right time, in the right place, and with the right message.

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The Performance Media Challenge

Brands are a facing a battle on two fronts. An oversaturated market means that audiences are becoming “ad blind”, meanwhile, an increase in the number of platforms and channels means media is often disconnected making it harder to determine where budget spend is actually moving the dial. We help fix this by taking a holistic, data-driven approach to media. We target people with the right message on the right format to improve the user experience and, in turn, performance: because, ultimately, people aren't blind to ads that speak to them.

Why it matters to your company


The media landscape isn’t going to get less complex any time soon. In fact, the number of ways to connect with consumers is growing. By thinking of platforms and channels first, you can’t possibly keep up with the speed of this evolution. Instead, by keeping the audience at the core of everything we do, we’re able to constantly learn from and improve our approach to media. We use the latest innovations in audience-targeting and media planning to drive market-leading campaigns, with proven results.

The Merkle solution

Performance can mean different things to different brands. From building awareness, to increasing engagement or conversions, we know how to use the media at our disposal to meet our clients’ objectives – while simultaneously helping them achieve a more sophisticated level of data maturity. And we don’t just stop with a conversion – we work with our media science team to make data-driven decisions about where to find consumers that will drive lifetime value, rather than focusing on short-term goals.

Performance Media in the broader picture

This isn't off the shelf media – it's bespoke. There's no guesswork or “gut feel” about which channels to use – we plan our media around the people we want to target using sources of first, second and third-party data. Wherever possible, we look to target addressable audiences – people that we know as much as possible about – and accurately track them across different platforms and devices. Plus, our experience with CRM means we’re experts at using our clients’ first-party data to connect with users on a one-to-one basis.

Why work with us?


Many agencies run performance media, but often, the person a client speaks to daily may never have touched a campaign. Instead, we believe in developing experts who understand every detail of the process of managing a media campaign. Every member of our specialist team invests time in expanding their industry and technical knowledge; knowledge sharing, collaboration and innovation is second nature to us. Plus, while we're breaking down siloes within media, we’re breaking the ones around it. We look at a brand’s overarching customer strategy in order to run holistic media campaigns that are connected by technology and underpinned by data; because that's what works.

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