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Marketing Optimisation

In order to deliver customer-centric marketing, you need to understand your customers, and know how to best reach them to drive success for your business. Our team combines expertise in data, technology and platforms; data science and; most importantly, it’s application in media to deliver unique audience insights, and recommendations on budget allocation and testing to drive incrementality. No matter what your technology stack or the data available, we will help you to deliver the insights you need.


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As a marketer, the decisions you need to make are reliant on the insight you gain. Acquiring a deep understanding of the timing and frequency of customer interactions, as well as the channels and data corresponding to them, is how you attribute value. We partner with you to craft the right measurement and attribution solution to fit your business rather than forcing you into a one-size-fits-all approach. Our custom solutions are based on our connected attribution framework — an integrated approach for cross-channel attribution at scale.

Media Testing

Running tests to understand the true performance of your media is nothing new, but making sure those tests are accurate and robust requires careful consideration and planning. We help clients design, run and analyse statistically significant and directly actionable incrementality tests, customised to consider test size, daily spend, time duration and KPI uplift requirements. We then help our clients develop an ongoing test and learn strategy, ensuring that no matter what the result, all our tests teach us something new.

Ads Data Hub

Ads Data Hub (ADH) is Google’s privacy-safe data warehouse containing log-level data from the Google Marketing Platform. Whilst ADH isn’t the right tool for everyone, we are here to help you understand how it can fill some of the data gaps that have arisen in recent times. Whether you want to understand the cross-device graph of your YouTube audience, determine the incremental value of display impressions or simply combine your data with Google’s own audiences, our experienced analysts can help you get started with ADH.

Audience Segmentation

We combine data assets and use different segmentation techniques to understand the various groups of customers you have. Then, to build out audience segments for you, we consult on data strategy and pull together existing first-party, marketing, website and proprietary datasets. We use simple segmentation through to machine-learning-based clustering techniques to identify your distinct customer groups before profiling each segment to build a rich picture of what makes each group unique and what they care about. This helps to inform customer, marketing and product strategy, and is the bedrock of delivering personal communications.

Audience Modelling

We use data science and machine learning to prioritise audience segments to contact based on their propensity to exhibit a particular behaviour – and at the same time, we combine all available data to build a central dataset on which to deploy our models. We help to predict a customer’s likelihood to churn, become high-value or buy a certain product; this then informs product, marketing and customer communications to each audience. The end-to-end process is automated to ensure an individual can dynamically move between groups as their behaviour changes, which means your communication is as fluid as your customers.

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