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Google Analytics Implementation Audit

Whether it's installations from scratch or you want to ensure that the data you've got is as good as possible, we're able to help. We have our audit process down to a tee and the end result is a Google Analytics account tracking accurate data and benefiting from all of the advanced features.

If you're looking at this page, we'll take a punt that you're likely in one of two positions. Either you're the proud owner of an accurately tracking, but feature-poor Google Analytics account, or you flat out don't trust the data you've got. Happily, you've landed in the best place whichever situation you are in, as we've implemented and audited hundreds of GA accounts so we're beyond expert. Google agree with us and even gave us a badge to prove it.

Why is an audit so important?

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for marketing and data-driven decisions. However, a tool like this is no use to anybody if it's set up incorrectly. This is where we come in. We have configured hundreds of Google Analytics accounts since we've been in this game. We look to help with:

  • Measurement strategy and identifying what data you require in order to support data-driven decisions
  • Creation of a tracking matrix and full support with implementation, including via tag management
  • Ensuring that your data is accurate and usable
  • Advising on what advanced features you'd really benefit from. For examples:
    • Enhanced e-commerce tracking
    • Site search reporting
    • Funnel visualisation
    • Custom dimensions and metrics
  • Recommending methods of tracking or approaches you may not have previously considered, based on our experience from other projects, for example passing GA data into CRMs or vice versa.

We're not just there for set-up either. We want to help you with getting the most out of Google Analytics too and so can advise on best practice account strategy or even help you to analyse, interpret and use your data to improve your website and your marketing.

Who have we helped?



What do I get?

We provide you with a comprehensive report outlining changes we've made to improve your account; whilst a second section gives you clear instructions on the actions you've got to carry out. When it comes to code, we love it! If you want us to liaise with your tech guys directly, you've got it; we'll even come into your offices and sit with them too, as long as you promise to make us tea and not laugh at our glasses.

The bottom line is, whether it's a set up from scratch or editing existing accounts, you can be assured that you will have a Google Analytics account to truly be proud of. One that is all-singing, all-dancing and, crucially, an account that is accurate enough to confidently base decisions on. And if you need any help analysing your newly captured data then our Conversion Optimisation Consultants would be more than happy to help.

“After a detailed audit and consultation Merkle delivered a full and accurate GA implementation on Watchfinder.co.uk. We now have structured departmental reporting delivering KPI’s to all members of staff. They are professional and a real pleasure to deal with.”
Lloyd Amsdon, Director, Watchfinder

Lloyd Amsdon, Director, Watchfinder

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