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Image Extensions

As the organic experience is becoming more visual, Google are taking steps to ensure the paid experience can match this level of engaging content. The most recent step they’ve taken is the release of Image Extensions, an extension which allows you to add images to your search ads.
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A collection of CDP fails: Five stories to learn from

The CDP marketplace today is crowded and competitive. As any organisation takes on this new purchase, they must ensure that they are choosing a platform that can help accelerate value and that their organisation is ready to fully support this investment.
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Slow is smooth, but smooth becomes fast

I have trotted out this saying so many times over the years, often to blank stares when coaching teams in Agile or customer experience management. Why is it relevant? What does it actually mean in this context? Why is it one of my favourite sayings?
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Advanced analytics is within your reach: Adopt an agility-fuelled approach

The vast majority of companies will have an analytics team to measure progress, track improvements and report on outcomes. However, far fewer brands have truly embraced advanced analytics alongside their more traditional practices, despite the sizable rewards that are potentially to be gained by so doing.