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Developing strategic ideas in a virtual world

The events of the past year mean that we have all been forced into collaboration online. Despite the pandemic, work has had to continue, and we’ve all been forced to adapt and overcome the limitations of operating solely in a virtual world. Yet how do you build a human connection over Zoom or Teams, and how do you easily discuss/develop complex strategies when you’re not in the same room?

Merkle Connected
This podcast discusses CX transformation with those who enact customer experience change for the world’s leading brands. We’ll be hosting a wide variety of speakers from across the whole world of CX – giving you on-the-ground strategic advice and best practice from experts both within Merkle, and drawn from further afield. Discussions will take in all things data, tech, strategy, analytics, creative and more - giving you the ideas and know-how that you need to develop transformational, data-driven customer experience management practices for your brand.

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Episode Details


Azlan Raj

Chief marketing officer, EMEA


Matt Heffer

Vice President, Solutions, EMEA

Mark Clydesdale

Vice President, Transformation & Strategy, EMEA

Michael Wells

Head of Customer Strategy, EMEA

In this episode, we'll be discussing:

  • The coping mechanisms best suited to overcome virtual limitations
  • The surprising advantages of working virtually to develop strategy for your organisation
  • Our view on the long-term persistence of virtual strategy creation
  • How you can seize the opportunities for your brand


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