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This edition provides actionable insights on topics that include Quick Answers in organic search, how to get CRM and loyalty to work together seamlessly, Google Shopping Actions, Amazon Search Ads, and using digital promotions to meet marking objectives.

Dossier 9.1 features the following articles:

Quick Answers: The Future of Organic Search

The introduction of quick answers into the search engine results page has forever changed the organic search landscape. Optimising for this growing feature may make all the difference in 2018.

CRM VS. Loyalty: This Time, It's Personal

Ensuring that loyalty and CRM work seamlessly together should be a top priority for brands and retailers in every category. Used in conjunction, these functions can create the people-based approaches that truly set a brand apart from its competition.

Setting Expectations for Google Shopping Actions

Google's Shopping Actions program resolves many of the deficiencies of the Purchases on Google product that it will supplant, but whether it will help drive the future of e-commerce remains an open question.

Seizing the Opportunity of Amazon Search Ads

For e-commerce brands where maximising their reach is paramount, the importance of selling on Amazon has become clear. Getting the most out of those Amazon listings requires a smart Amazon Search Ad program that is coordinated with other marketing efforts.

Engagement Tactics: Using Digital Promotions to Meet Specific Marketing Objectives

Highly engaged consumers are incredibly valuable to the success of a marketing strategy and digital promotions are a proven way to engage, capture, and reward consumer behavior.

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