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cCRM :: Customer Strategy

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Customer Strategy at a Glance

It begins with segmentation that supports the customer strategy and forms the basis for planning based on customer value metrics.

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The first component calls for the development of a strong customer strategy and vision for cCRM. It involves gaining an enterprise-wide understanding of customers and prospects, and the economic value each can deliver across the marketing funnel. Successful customer strategy is rooted in world-class enterprise segmentation. You simply can't do great customer marketing without honing those skills. A good segmentation plan sets the strategies, priorities and investments associated with each customer set, separating the good customers from the unprofitable ones. It informs the media strategy; channel strategy; product strategy; pricing strategy; promotion strategy; and so on.

A solid customer strategy enables improved lead generation, acquisition, cross sell and retention, by delivering differentiated experiences consistently across all customer touchpoints. Brands can provide more relevant products, propositions, offers, and treatments. Purposeful portfolio strategy, including audience prioritization and personalization, leads to maximum return on marketing investment.

In Depth

Watch John Lee, Senior Vice President of Vertical Markets, put Customer Strategy into perspective.

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