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Does your marketing technology support your future business goals?

Merkle’s Marketing Technology Consulting helps organizations make sense of all the capabilities required to support their short-term and long-term business strategies.

Why take this survey? A Merkle expert will review the results with you:

  • Gain a high-level assessment of your organization's Marketing Technology maturity as measured against Merkle's robust set of technology-specific maturity models. 
  • Assess both the current state and desired state of marketing technology capabilities at your organization. 

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Customer Centricity is Data Centricity, A Marketing Technology Transformation

This webinar leverages Winterberry Group’s comprehensive research to reveal core challenges, opportunities and best practices that can help you achieve data centricity, with an emphasis on marketing technology process integration.


The Data-Centric Organization: Transforming for the next generation of audience marketing

The move to embrace data as a centerpiece of the marketing and media effort—and to become truly “data-centric” across all facets of the enterprise—raises a series of questions: How should organizations reinvent themselves to support data-driven approaches to marketing and media? Where should they prioritize their investments to ensure greatest impact? And what kind of progress has the industry made toward these objectives?


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