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Engaging customers with the right content, in the right place, at the right time is a must-have in today’s highly competitive environment in order to deliver People-Based Marketing. To do this, marketers need to create, manage and deliver more content, faster than ever before to serve an increasing number of channels, audiences, and touchpoints in the customer journey, without increasing budget or resource. The content is best served in context based upon where the customer is on the journey. Clients that follow this path are changing the dials and reaping the rewards.

But, how will you support the growth in new content required to drive demand, engagement, and conversion throughout the customer journey, without a marketing platform to help you scale and respond in an agile way to the increasing demands of consumers and your business?

Merkle’s core proposition is People-Based Marketing. We have been at the heart of the movement to experiences driven by data and insight.

The priority for some years has been Data. In this time Content has been left behind whilst need has grown. At Merkle we have learnt from developments in Data to develop our Content Velocity framework. This supports organisations in delivering richer, higher quality and more relevant Content at the scale needed for today’s customers.

The Solution: Merkle’s Content Velocity Framework

Content Hub



Accelerating your Content Velocity with Merkle

Our tactical packages are designed to solve some of the regular problems we see our clients experiencing. These can generally be delivered in isolation of wider Content Velocity transformation programs and technology changes.


content velocity

Harnessing content at scale for highly personal, channel agnostic experiences

Customers are now expecting increasingly personal experiences across channels. Advances in data and technology are leading this transformation and changing user behaviour. These advances need content, and lots of it to delivers personally-relevant content to consumers.

In order to deliver the experiences that consumers expect, we need to recognise the importance of matching the way we create and distribute content to meet the changing landscape and exploding scale.


Download our paper to discover:

  • The challenges businesses face in delivering personalised content at scale
  • The content velocity solution
  • How to achieve omni-channel content
  • How to deliver content velocity