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An interview with Merkle and Namics

1. (M): Michael, why was Merkle looking for a partner like Namics?

We were looking for a partner in the important Swiss and German markets that expands our capabilities and our geographic footprint in the EMEA region in line with our mission to extend our people-based marketing offering globally.

2. (M): And what was special about Namics in particular?

Namics complements and extends Merkle’s ability to help brands deliver data-driven, technology-enabled personalised experiences, creating an unrivalled service offering in the following areas:

  1. Capability depth: The acquisition of Namics deepens Merkle’s Customer Experience, Business Transformation, and Technology Enablement capabilities. With 550+ people, Namics adds significant scale to these offerings.
  2. People Based Marketing: Our people-based marketing approach is built on data-driven, technology-enabled solutions for our clients. The combination of Merkle’s expertise in customer data and Namics’ strength in digital experience, plays right into the marketing imperative to make experience more personal.
  3. Partners: Namics’ technology partner approach perfectly complements our strategic relationships with leading Marketing Clouds like Adobe, Sitecore, and SAP.

3. (B) Bernd, what was the motivation for Namics to go this way?

Our promise to comprehensively lead our clients through their digital transformation requires a broad set of digital expertise. In order to faster develop our capabilities and to better scale existing skills we have been searching for a partner to combine our outstanding market position in Switzerland and Germany with a complementary offering and a broader international market coverage. In this context, data-driven marketing and decision making has been of special importance. As we aim to provide solid, in-depth data expertise in addition to our current offering, Merkle appeared to be a perfect match.

4. (B): What do you expect out of this partnership with Merkle?

The partnership with Merkle is an exciting leverage to our business. For employees and candidates, it adds new perspectives and challenges for personal growth. For clients it completes our service offering in data-driven Digital Marketing, CRM and Analytics and additionally enlarges our capacity to deliver. And for alliance partners of Namics and Merkle new geographical opportunities will arise. 

5. (B): Namics is known for its strong culture, will this culture remain with Merkle? I.e. will there still be Namics events like the NCamp?

For sure! After having had an unprecedented NCamp this year unveiling the “maker potential” of our Namics employees we already kicked off the preparation for the next one. And as our culture, our clients and our skills are important assets for the Merkle development in Europe it is in the interest of Merkle and Namics likewise to keep up the strong Namics culture and heritage. Additionally, the 29 former partners gave their commitment to stay with the company for the next  years, so this will provide cultural stability and sustainability as well.

6. (M): And last but not least, Michael, let’s talk about brands: Will Namics become a Merkle brand?’

Over time yes, however we take a pragmatic approach and work with the leadership of each business we acquire to determine when it’s the right time to make that transition. As Namics starts to integrate with the global Merkle business, the brand will also gradually start to be integrated. Initially the company will become Namics, A Merkle Company, and the next stage will be to become, Merkle | Namics.