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Performance driven Festive Campaigns deliver 40x returns for Tanishq; brings in 68% new buyers!


Due to the lockdown, the campaigns were paused for about 6 weeks, resulting in no previous learning to bank upon for branding of the  Akshaya Tritiya Offer.

The team put together a robust media strategy to ensure higher  conversion rates required for a solid ROAS but at a significantly  lowered cost.



Utilized Acquired Customer base to create Prospecting Audiences:

To ensure a healthy conversion ratio, the campaign used existing users and its lookalikes to create precise and relevant TG.

Lookalikes were created basis website time spenders, Google  search users, organic users, email/SMS users, et cetera  maintaining minimum audience overlap.

Re-strategized Media Planning for Branding and Re-marketing, to counterbalance lack of campaign learning:

The teams leveraged Feed Ads to reach to out new segments of  the audience and also to increase their interaction with the  website to help scale re-marketing campaigns smoothly.

Re-marketing campaigns during the Sale focused on the  acquired userbase and prospecting to relevant base. This helped  us increase the conversion rates while optimizing spends.

Emotional Messaging and Creative Strategy during times of distress:

Empathetic communication was kept consistent to ensure no  sentiments were hurt. The message addressed the situation  while subtly connecting with the audiences at the same time.The team believed an emotional connect will encourage buying  from Tanishq. For instance:

In these uncertain times, it’s quite likely that jewellery might  not be on top of mind, but in case you do wish to buy during the  auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya please visit our website.”

The creative strategy played a crucial role in maintaining the  order value by promoting expensive products from the catalogue  via Feed Ads.


“Offer periods come with stringent timelines, especially  now when times are not ideal, we kept honest  targets. An approximately 300% increase in preset  revenue shows the hard work our teams have put in. Sokrati's media strategy with their audience expertise  brought unprecedented traffic on our website. I appreciate their critical thinking in these difficult times.”

Gaurav Midha

Sr. Marketing Manager, Tanishq





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