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Preparing for the Cookie-less Future & Ad Ecosystem changes Ep 3

Learn how conversions API, predictive analytics and customer identity solutions can empower your marketing.

Live at 11:30 AM IST on Tue, Mar 29th, 2022

The current approaches to activating, managing, and measuring audiences and digital media performance are all being challenged with the roll-out of regulations, deprecation of third-party cookies, and restricted access to advertising ID.

Organizations need to evolve, adapt, and develop migration plans and long-term strategies to continue to drive growth using next-generation audience platforms, identity solutions, and innovative measurement approaches.

Join Merkle Sokrati and Meta (Facebook) leaders to learn about:

  • Alternatives to cookie-dependent measurement solutions
  • Conversion optimization for deep-funnel events valuable to your business
  • AI & ML driven techniques to improve conversion metrics, retargeting & loyalty
  • Faster time-to-value realization for customer data investments

Meet Our Speakers

Agency Partner, Facebook
AVP - Client Solutions
VP - MarTech & Digital Transformation, Merkle Sokrati
Sr. Manager - Marketing & Business Development, Merkle Sokrati

Cookies Are Out, Conversions API and Customer Data Is In

In the face of an increased focus on consumer privacy, what capabilities you and your brand invest in will decide your ability to measure digital media effectively in the future. Here is what we believe to be the future of digital media:

  • Direct connection of marketing data, from server, website, or CRMs to ad platforms. (eg. Facebook's Conversion API )
  • First-party and partner data sharing within privacy-compliant data clean rooms to enable predictive analytics, segmentation, and conversion modeling (eg. Merkle Sokrati's MiFO)
  • Data and Tech solutions that empower first-party data collection, unification, analytics and activation (eg. CDPs)




What You Will Learn


Seismic shifts in the digital ecosystem and our preparedness

The death of 3rd party cookies and other recent privacy-driven shifts in the digital ecosystem necessitates new approaches for compliant & consumer-friendly marketing


Cookies Are Out, Conversions APIs Are In

Conversions API delivers more reliable and enriched data for better measurement, optimization, and audiences. It delivers significant performance benefits right away and prepares your business for the future


DRIVE VALUE TODAY Enhance your existing data with AI & ML

Organizations are collecting data at a scale never seen before. ML/AI techniques can unlock valuable insights from this data for better optimization and segmentation. Unlock use cases  to improve conversion metrics, retargeting, loyalty, and more


BUILD VALUE OVER 6 MONTHS Achieve single customer view

When fully implemented and adopted by all teams within a company, a CDP provides much value to a businesses' bottom line. Improve the time-to-value realization with better evaluation, implementation and adoption of CDPs

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