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Preparing for the Cookie-less Future & other Ad Ecosystem Changes

Learn how to keep up with today's privacy-first ecosystem and continue driving personalized and ROI-effective advertising

Will you survive or thrive in a (soon-to-be) cookieless world?

Good measurement is a fundamental pillar of good marketing. But lately, measurement is rapidly becoming harder for advertisers, with the upcoming loss of the cookie just one factor in the increased privacy-first complexity we are all experiencing. 

Marketers need to keep up with 3rd party restrictions to future proof their strategies. 

This live event is for you if you often wonder:

  • What's wrong with something that has worked so far (pixels & cookies)?
  • What does the deprecation of 3rd party cookie actually mean for advertisers?
  • How to build a future-proof measurement solution for digital media?

Meet Our Panel

Chief Business Officer - Media
SVP - Business Operations
VP - Business Operations
Partner Solutions Lead, Facebook
Agency Solution Partner, Facebook

Some promising alternatives to continue driving personalization and performance

The current approaches to activating, managing, and measuring audiences and digital media performance are all being challenged with the roll-out of regulations, deprecation of third-party cookies, and restricted access to advertising ID. Organizations need to evolve, adapt, and develop migration plans and long-term strategies to continue to drive growth using next-generation audience platforms, identity solutions, and innovative measurement approaches.

In the face of an increased focus on consumer privacy, what capabilities you and your brand invest in will decide your ability to measure digital media effectively in the future. Here is what we believe to be the future of digital media:

  • Direct connection of marketing data, from server, website, or CRMs to ad platforms. (eg. Facebook's Conversion API )
  • First-party and partner data sharing within privacy-compliant data clean rooms to enable predictive analytics, segmentation, and conversion modeling (eg. Merkle Sokrati's MiFO capabilities)
  • Identity solutions that empower first-party data collection and activation (eg. CDPs and identity graphs)




Prepare to enter a New Marketing Reality


What you need to invest in today to future-proof your marketing?

Nilesh (Merkle Sokrati) & Amit (Facebook)
To deliver personalized and profitable advertisements, whilst emerging privacy concerns, business leaders need to evolve their tools, processes & teams. 


The cookie jar is running out: How did we get here?

Vikash (Merkle Sokrati)
Understand the history of privacy-driven changes that will dramatically change the highly targeted digital marketing channels that have worked well so far.


Replacing the cookie jar: Conversions API (Server-side tracking)

Kedar (Merkle Sokrati) & Yagnesh (Facebook)
Facebook’s Conversion API (CAPI) is a successor to browser and cookie-dependent reporting from conversion pixels. Drive targeted and efficient advertising and get started with CAPI implementation.  

Merkle Sokrati