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Why is Marketing Automation Important in e-commerce?

Why is Marketing Automation Important in e-commerce?

Marketing Automation is the use of tools and software to automate some marketing actions. Automation enhances the marketing efficiency of an organization. These software benefit by performing certain pre-defined tasks and hence reduces the human error.

Marketing Automation is a part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which can track ROI of your marketing efforts on a single platform. Automation is used to drive conversions with the help of marketing messages. It creates rich profiles of the customers and helps in sending the right information at a particular span of time.

Here are some solid reasons which prove that Marketing Automation is a necessity in e-commerce:

Time Savior
One of the greatest benefits of automation is that it saves time. Automation can do a piece of work instantly which otherwise would have been time consuming. Meanwhile, one can search for new ideas, products, schemes and develop new strategies or devote the same time in some other business settlements rather than getting stuck in manual
marketing communications.

Enhances cross-selling and Up-selling
Up-selling and Cross-selling increase the sales figure of any business. Up-selling or cross-selling basically aware the customers about the upgrades or accessories which complements the products they purchased. Marketing Automation software has an ability to send personalized e-mails to the customers informing them about the products relevant to their purchases. Such tactics increase the average order and frequency of customer on your website.

Automation software sends a reminder notification to the customers about abandoned carts, upcoming flash sales, loyalty offers, and bonus etc. This reminder always keeps customers connected and gives out a positive impact of the organization.

Helps in the personalization of marketing campaigns
In this world of commotion, a consumer is always impressed with the personal attention by hearing and seeing his name over. Automation encourages the business repetition by asking questions, collecting data and providing offers which specify the type of product which that customer bought earlier. Using top marketing automation platforms and some initial setups these features can act in your business as well.

Enhance Analytics
E-mail marketing automation results out in better analytics. Most of the automation software can mug up with analytical tools like Google Analytics which helps in analyzing the actual results from your marketing campaigns by breaking it down into segments. Breaking down can help in searching out that where you are doing well or where you need to improve your work.

Better customer targeting
There are so many social channels through which you can approach the audience and attain new customers. Automation helps in reaching the right people at the right time and right place by sending the right marketing tactics across all channels.

Encourages after sales marketing
Automation increasing the chances of the customer to come back and shop again by adding after sales benefit to the business. Personalized thanking E-mails and suggesting a product which goes with the same is what automation can do.

How is Marketing Automation Benefited over Offline Marketing?

Marketing automation can lead above marketing automation by following ways:

  • Targets your local as well as international consumers – The data collected from automation software can help you in targeting relevant consumers by campaigning specific audience with demographics including gender, age, interest, and their location. By this way, a campaign can become successful.
  • Convenient – the internet has made our life so easy that without any direct sales pressure and browsing at any place and time one can buy any product online. This factor not only benefits the customers but sellers as well. A seller can even earn while sleeping without any efforts to make out a sale with the help of this.
  • Encouragement of interaction – Interaction is not promoted in traditional marketing. With the help of social media networks and webinars, one can promote products and services which allow users to access your website to go through it, buy products, rate them and give feedback, adding icing to it.
  • Real-time analysis – In the offline market, you have to analyze the sales figures for at least a week or two to collect relevant data. With a single click, you can see the aggregate of visitors on site and even its peak trading times, subscribers increase, conversion rates and much more.
  • Less expensive in the establishment – A startup with least investment turns out to be a better opportunity. There is no expense of parking, utilities, physical location, presentation of products etc. this brings out the potential for higher ROI in the long term.


E-commerce flourishes the business opportunities while Automation can add icing to the cake. Hereby, you can create new strategies and implement them in a more efficient manner. Automation gives enormous advantages and saves time too in creating a relationship with customers.