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Scale up with Programmatic Media Buying | How we did it for Swiggy (official case study by Google)

If you can’t figure out why you still don’t have sales, despite investing in Google Adwords and other channels- Programmatic Media Buying is the solution.

This blog will help you understand the basics of Programmatic media buying. To elaborate on the immense potential of this platform, an official case study of our work with Swiggy as printed by Google is presented too.

What is Programmatic Media Buying?

Historically, when an advertiser wanted to serve ads on a site they would need to directly contact the publisher to buy ad inventory. This process entailed from choosing sites to negotiating & re-negotiating, and eventually figuring out what’s working by individually monitoring the results. It was a long and tedious affair.
Everything changed with Programmatic Media Buying. This technology automates and optimizes the ad buying process through a bidding system. It uses an algorithm to evaluate the user’s value to a campaign, by analyzing various data points from the bid request to historical cookie/device ID data.

With the use of Programmatic Media Buying, it became possible to:

  •  Reach target audience
  • Place ads in brand suitable areas
  • Advertise specific user-appropriate creatives
  • Evaluate all media sources at one place
    Simply put- you can specialize a message and creative to reach the right person, in the right context, at the right time. All backed with comprehensive data & analysis.


How did we ace Swiggy’s performance with Programmatic? (As printed by Google)

Programmatic Media was instrumental in the efficient scale-up of Swiggy. DoubleClick, a demand-side platform from Google that facilitates this technology, was used to manage audiencesoptimize campaigns and target lookalikes. The results were incredible- 27x increase in installs, 48% lower Cost per Installs (CPI) and 36x increase in new transactions.

Here’s how we did it:

Reaching the right audience: To increase new users installs, ad ID’s were identified and targeted in real-time. Furthermore, A/B testing with various audience buckets on Google as well as leveraged first-party data was key in identifying potential customers.

Tailor-made campaigns: To make the campaigns more efficient, the best practices adhered in Merkle-Sokrati were used in conjunction with the vast data & analytics provided by DoubleClick. Optimizations on budgets and bids, location and so on, further ensured effective allocation of funds.
Moving beyond Adwords and Display platforms, and investing in programmatic media has been vital in driving quality installs for Swiggy. DoubleClick provides a one-view platform for all media spaces and performances. A smart application of this technology alongside field experts helped Merkle-Sokrati in getting phenomenal results for Swiggy.
The work performed on Swiggy has been explained by our DBM specialist, Bishmaya.