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Person before Personalization: Understanding your audiences with People Based Marketing

The market today demands incorporation of surreal human valued approach in the advertising industry.

The Analogy

The relationship between sellers and buyers is not very different than human relationships towards one another. All of them expect to be understood by the rest, seek attention by the rest, demand appropriate acknowledgment and responsiveness by the rest.  

Market demands the incorporation of such surreal human valued approach in the advertising industry as well.  

“According to Forrester Research, 94 percent of marketers are focusing on building better, more personalized customer experiences. 

 Published by Martechtoday, Sourced by Forrester (commissioned by Janrain)


Steps that facilitate the process of personalization

The conversation in this area over the past few years has focused mainly on assembling the technology required to enable the execution of people-based marketing. But technology alone will not solve the challenges of personalization. The nuances of personalization reach beyond capability if one focuseon strategy. Consumers want brands to understand them better – to know when and when not to approach them. Understanding this relationship with your customer goes well beyond personalization and gets to the point of an ongoing dialog. To establish this dialog, you need to set up processes that facilitate it: 

  • Ask your customers how they want you to talk to them.  
  • Focus your planning around being responsive to customer actions.  
  • Be flexible in how and when you deliver messages and offers.  
  • Interact with people in a prescribed manner that allows them to define their own path to your relationship.  
  • Reward that relationship with better experiences. 

As you start to change your organization, you need to think about who your customers are and whether they are the right ones to help make your business successful. Too many companies focus on short-term interaction and not enough on the long-term relationship.  

Help yourself build a message plan

Some customers eat a long time to take a decision and still, in the end, make their choice based on price. However, some customers take very quick decisions, and the price is the last thing on their minds. Build a messaging plan that informs your understanding of the following questions:  

  • Does quality matter to the person?  
  • Does she want to build a relationship or have a quick exchange?  
  • How will he make his decision?  

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