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Image Extensions Beta

What are Image Extensions? 

Image extensions are a new ad extension format in Google Ads which are intended to drive performance for advertisers with compelling visuals of products or services that enhance the message of their text ads. The feature is in beta and available to select advertisers only. The feature allows advertisers to upload rich, relevant images to complement their new/existing text ads. The image extension features an image next to the text ad as a respond on the SERP by showing a preview of what a user can expect on the landing page, you can grab considerate attention. This image helps to enhance your ad by visually highlighting your service. 

What are Dynamic Image Extensions? 

Dynamic Image extensions are the automated image extensions which allows Google to select images from your landing page that are most relevant to the search query based on the ad’s landing page, resulting in the enhancement of the text ads and therefore improving the performance. 

Why Image Extensions?  

Image extensions can boost your advertising impact and value by showing visually relevant information that is difficult to convey with only text. The audience can see a preview of what he/she can expect to see on the landing page, it can inspire users to click through. For instance, we could gain a 125% increase in CTR by including Image Extensions for a leading OTT platform. Another success that we saw on an Ecommerce website where we received 30% gain in CTR. We could also improve CTR by 25% for a B2B brand. This shows the success for varied sectors/forms of business. You may see similar improvements in CTR and cost after the addition of Image Extensions. They have the following benefits:  

  • Helps in improving ad quality and increases quality score 

  • Dominates more space on the Results Page 

  • Boosts mobile CTR and drives more traffic to your site to potentially drive more sales 

  • Attracts attention to your ad 

  • Ads look better and appealing than before.  

Requirements and Guidelines

To best represent your products or services, you can upload up to 20 diverse and high-quality images. In order to be used in dynamic image ad extensions, the images on the landing page need to be in square format. While the minimum size accepted is 300 x 300 pixels, the recommended size is 1200 × 1200, the file sizes cannot exceed 5120KB. 

To have an effective result carved out of the exercise, try to focus on quality and relevance, leverage on both the features (Standard and Dynamic), try to make it useful for the viewer to make it obvious for them to click.             

How Image Extensions Look?

Ads Before Image Extensions:

Image extension beta img 1

Ads After Image Extensions:

Image extension beta image 2


Google and other ad platforms continue releasing new features and betas to help advertisers in enhancing their performance. At Merkle Sokrati, we thoroughly A/B test each of these new features for their performance impact. A holistic strategy that effectively implements all the latest features will help you stand out from your competitors and uplift RoAS.

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