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How to kickstart Mobile App Install campaigns

You can clearly experience the rising trend of smarter phones. This in turn is assisting another trend on this wave - the rise of apps. Smaller, smarter and more innovative apps. Consequently, overwhelming the consumers to download apps for the tiniest of their chores and pushing the developers to broadcast their masterpieces of apps. Therefore, pushing both demand and supply of app install.

App Marketing started in the whispers. How to get your car out of the garage, sold to somebody and hit the driving wheel. It won’t do any good if locked in the garage on that lone street. Many options were available for this endeavor, biggest of them being Google AdWords owing to its powerhouse Play Store.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords created a campaign type called Universal App Campaign (UAC) to enable the advertisers to start garnering installs for their Android/iOS app. Thus, no need to seek hefty marketing plans for pinpoint targeting of their potential audience. But some people remained stuck with primitive campaign types (Search, Display, YouTube) for more visibility and control. Just recently, when Google’s machine learning had learned enough, it shifted everything under UAC umbrella. As a result, all the app marketing features drilled down to one stop. Hence, easier, quicker and more centralized marketing. Furthermore, UAC not just focuses on making people install an app but use it as well. In other words, not just driving Mobile App Install but also Mobile App Engagement.

Google Adwords


Source: ThinkWithGoogle


On the other end of the rainbow, Google disseminated documentations and tutorials to push the development of mobile sites, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Applications (PWA). These are the midway options between a website and an app. AMP enabling fast loading of particular web pages containing majorly text (blog). PWA imitates an app giving similar feel & usability, just keeping it lighter and devoid of installation. Google is now even conducting certification exams as an impetus for people to learn and train for it. These technological advancements can finally go a long way in generating LTV customers for businesses.



AMP PWA Mobify

Source: Mobify

Facebook, Apple and Snapchat

Facebook was never behind in this race and had launched a set of App Install and App Engagement campaign types. These are not fully-automated and give a wide array of targeting like demographics & interests. Apple is catching up fast, with recently launched Search Ads for iOS. Not to forget the highly effective Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories to primarily drive app install, being majorly used by the audience aged 18-24 and on a mobile device.

What's ahead ? - Accelerate App Install

In conclusion, this article is an introduction of various marketing channels available for app install. This is just a launchpad for you to prepare and decide your journey further. We’ll be following up with more blogs especially relevant to the above-discussed items. The only burning desire is to enhance your understanding and assist your business decisions in choosing a channel. Subscribe this section for updates!