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How has MERKLE SOKRATI been managing the COVID-19’s knock?

Organisations, globally, have faced an unfamiliar and out-of-control business condition, due to COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year and finally now, digital marketing business has started to recover. During these trying times, it has been critical for us, Merkle Sokrati, to continue supporting clients and use our expertise to help them succeed in the new normal. The past quarter was particularly very demanding as our teams worked from home and everyone came together to continue supporting our clients in the best possible way.

NPS in last 2 quarters


We, at Merkle Sokrati, have been collecting client feedback in the form of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) card towards continuous assessment and improvement of our services for over 6 years now. We are happy to report that our NPS has consistently improved for the past 2 quarters, including the particularly challenging AMJ 2020. Our percentage of Promoters have risen from 36% in JAS 2019 to 54% on AMJ 2020. This trend demonstrates Sokrati's ability to deliver a high degree of client satisfaction for its clients clubbed with ensuring seamless business continuity (see Chart 1 above)

We have also seen a continuous upward growing trend in our NPS card from our Small and Medium Businesses as well as our Large Client Services for the past 4 quarters. This trend demonstrates our consistent solid performance delivery and display of our media expertise with super-fast turnaround time (See Chart 2 below). Read more here.

Consistent improvement for small as well as large clients


Even pre-COVID, our operational excellence team were in the process of rolling out strategic initiatives and we have been successful in driving these initiatives during ‘20. Following are a few key highlights -

1. Integrated Services
As businesses have started aggressively reviewing the role of marketing investments, we have stepped up our focus on not just improving media investment returns, but also driving better synergies across service lines. Q1 ’20 saw us picking up multiple end-to-end engagements spanning across service lines such as MarTech, Media, Analytics and SEO among others. Operationally, new cross-functional teams were set up under a single program management leader who is tasked with business return-on-investment (RoI) mandate. This has been a key success factor for us in the past quarter as well as a differentiator across the industry.

2. SokWorks Rollout and Adoption
The most significant challenge in the COVID world has been in ensuring business continuity in an environment where a large proportion of cross-functional teams are learning to collaborate remotely. At Merkle Sokrati, we have institutionalized the use of Sokworks as a ticketing tool to measure, keep track and manage our work better. With a simple email-based request creation process, the tool has been widely adopted by our client partners helped and ensures that all deliverables complete on time and meet rigorous quality standards. This has enabled them to see the progress, track and manage their work in a better way and turn to help us measure our workload effectively. Sharing a few testimonials from our client partners below –
“The way Sokrati works with a religious ticketing system helps us to route and prioritize daily demands and communication. Whenever a ticket is filed for a job the entire team is responsible for delivering at promised SLAs. Sokrati’s engagement with us is skilfully disciplined with this ticketing scheme.” - Marketing Manager, BFSI Client based out of Mumbai
“Freshdesk indeed is a magic tool and helps to streamline and track tasks against timelines. Gives much-needed visibility and accountability especially in a uber fast work environment like ours. “ – Marketing Manager, Gaming Client based out of Bengaluru

3. Learning & Development Initiative
The early days of lockdown gave our teams to recoup and spend some quality time with their families. Additionally, the Learning & Development team at Merkle Sokrati also leveraged this time to further formalize internal training and upskilling initiatives. From channel capability sessions, client engagement, business strategy and daily meditation, the period was used to extensively develop our teams and build their professional and personal wellness. These initiatives helped our teams get through a particularly challenging period and be better prepared to start offering support to clients as businesses started re-opening.