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Analytics Workspace

Today there are many tools to make our life easy when it comes to analyzing huge datasets and being able to share them without hassle. Analysis workspace is an analytics browser tool that helps in curating datasets, creating visualizations, sharing, and scheduling them with the team. It helps to bring data to life by building analysis and generating insights. It helps us to answer business questions such as details about returning users or more information about the orders placed to drive the business forward with analytics. 

To start building our analysis, we need to understand the different building blocks of the project. 

Components: Dimension, metric, segments, date range are different components which combinedly used to create a report to start analyzing our data. 

Visualization: These are different reports available such as a freeform table, line, bar to represent the data into visualized/tabular form. 

Panels: It is used to Collect different tables into a section within the project, to give the dashboard a more presentable look. 


  • The segmentation within the reporting tool is quite flexible. 

  • All the reports have customization options 

Data Workbench 

Adobe Analytics can integrate a large amount of multi-channel data from various sources and various systems. It helps in gathering clients' data from online, offline, and 3rd party data into a simple system to get the whole picture for further analysis and a better understanding of any customer’s behavior. 

It helps businesses to understand their basic KPIs such as campaign performance or to maximize the impact of their ad spent. With that, it gives the larger picture to marketers to create their customer profiles based on the right channel to increase conversion rate. 

It provides the functionality of curating interactive reports from online and offline customer interactions across all types of web, CRM, POS, and other data types to monitor activity and predict customer trends. 


  • Have the feasibility of creating interactive reports 

  • It gives the opportunity to integrate information from almost any channel. 

Data Warehouse 

Data Warehouse is another most used and flexible adobe analytics tool. It offers data storage, data reprocessing, and custom reporting capabilities to the client data.  

It can be accessed by the tool's menu bar in analytics, and it works based on request. An admin can raise multiple requests to access data from analytics. A request can have unlimited rows of data and can be filtered according to the reporting requirement. Data warehouse reports are emailed or sent via FTP and may take up to 72 hours to process. Data Warehouse automatically zips any file that exceeds 1 MB in size. The maximum email attachment size is 10 MB. 

Some of the fields in the request tab in the data warehouse are: 

  1. Request name: to give a name to the request, depends on the query. 
  2. Date: to filter the data for the asked date range, the granularity of the report can be set from here. 
  3. Segments: It gives us the option to select a particular part of the audience and curate complex segments. One request can use only one segment 
  4. Breakdowns: It can categorize the data and compartmentalize data across all valid values for the breakdown 
  5. Schedule delivery: It helps to schedule the report for automatic delivery at the selected intervals. It also gives the option to send it in emails or set up FTP. 

Data Warehouse


  • Reports can be scheduled at any hour of the day, which will be sent directly to the mails. 

  • Large reports with hundreds of thousands of rows can be extracted easily 

Activity Map 

The answer to the most asked question asked by the client that is “can we know the count of clicks on this element” can be answered by an activity map. 

It is the easiest and most flexible link tracking solution that is made to track links and curate dashboards of real-time analytics to monitor audience engagement in our web pages. 

It comes in handy with adobe analytics as a chrome extension and can be integrated with other historic data present in adobe analytics. After the implementation of the activity map in the web pages, the data gets captured in real-time as well as historic and does not require much developing and operating effort.  

Activity Map is a JavaScript module that is contained within the core AppMeasurement.js library that’s provided by Adobe as part of any Adobe Analytics implementation.  


  • It gives the feature of robust link tracking 

  • It provides two basic modes (standard mode and live mode) to provide complementary reporting of page activity. 

Report Builder 

When the client wants to see a report on a certain frequency and to be directly sent to his inbox and updated automatically, the best solution to this use case is using report builder for adobe analytics.  

Report Builder is a Microsoft Excel add-in that is used to perform specialized analysis and create customized reports and visualization in excel using data from adobe analytics report suites. 

There are various backend calculations done while creating an automated report but daily, just a click on the refresh button would change the timeframe of the data compared to previous timeframes.  


  • Fast deployment speed and flexibility 

  • Scheduled reports 

  • Multiple report suite access 

  • Intelligent alerts 

To start using report builder we must download and install the latest version of the report builder from adobe analytics. Then open MS Excel 

Mobile Services 

Today, Mobile is the best source to reach a potential customer or to increase the customer base. 

Adobe has created a tool for businesses to better understand and improve their user engagement through mobile apps. Adobe Mobile services introduce a series of app-centric capabilities including a new user interface for mobile teams, app experience targeting based on GPS location, and audience testing to deliver optimized experiences. 

This tool can be fully integrated with adobe analytics and adobe target and helps to optimize and better monetize the app's services. 


  • Geo-Location Targeting 

  • App Analytics 

  • App optimization 

  • Broad Platform support 

  • Ease of deployment 

  • Data privacy 

We at Merkle Sokrati give immense importance to data-driven decision making which has helped us to be effective and efficient at the same time. If you need support for your business, then we are right here.