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7 AI Trends Every Marketer Should Know in 2018

When it comes to marketing and advertising, a lot of brands are leveraging the data about their users but to a person without a technical background, it becomes a little difficult understanding artificial intelligence, implementing and leveraging its advantages. So what is it all about?

AI or Artificial Intelligence or what we know as “Skynet” from Terminator & “Ultron” from Avengers, thanks to Hollywood. Or our very own Rajinikanth’s Chitti.


Wait they all aren’t evil. Did you forget how helpful Tony Stark’s Jarvis was? Or the iconic duo R2D2 & C3PO along with BB8 were in Star Wars.


Source: Visualcapitalist

The number of players pitching into this field is incr


easing day by day from Siri to Alexa, to Google Assistance, to Tesla’s self-driven cars, AI is making the revolution in each industry, and in 2018 it is going to play a big role in marketing, advertising, and branding.

But how? Let’s map a user’s path in the conversion funnel and the customer’s lifecycle along with the application of AI along the Path:


Source: Smart Insights

The 7 most important AI trends of 2018 that you should know

AI generated content is taking over for creating smart and relevant content for users, while Predictive analytics helps us to predict consumer behaviors and be there for them at the right moment. The rise of chatbots & personal assistants is helping users throughout their conversion journeys and helping businesses to keep users engaged all the time. Voice searches are popular among users to look for pieces of information online, while dynamically personalized emails are improving customer communication by delivering relevancy with a personal touch. Ad targeting is helping to find the right moment and the right ad for a particular user where they are most likely to convert. Smart content curation and website personalization are delivering a delightful user experience with amazing recommendations and relevant content, thus increasing the user engagement. We shall be talking all about these in details below.

Trend 1


Trend 2


Trend 2


Trend 4


Trend 7


Trend 6


Trend 7

Wrapping up, there are a lot more applications of the same and success stories on how businesses and brands are leveraging AI & Machine learning. As a business owner or marketer, you should get your hands dirty with any of these and try out which one would be most suitable for you. So, which one of these are you going to implement?

Read about the 3 steps you can take to include AI in your marketing efforts.

Do let us know your thoughts.

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