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What We Look For

Ask around. You're likely to hear that it’s really hard to get hired at Merkle. And here’s why.

Our team is our brand
The team that we put onto the field every day is the reason our clients buy us. And why they stay with us. And why they recommend us. Each one of us has the ability to impact our company for better or for worse. With so much on the line, we take hiring seriously. Very seriously. We use some simple hiring criteria: Is this person someone who can do the job better than anyone else? Someone we can learn from? Someone we want to be like? Someone who shares our values and demonstrates the attributes that define Merkle employees?

When we evaluate candidates for employment, we don't just consider their skills and experience. We also assess them on three core values and seven attributes that Merkle employees possess. Here they are.


A desire to serve.
Everyone who joins Merkle does so to serve someone. A co-worker. A client. A client’s customers. Someone they report to. Someone who reports to them. And each of us accepts the responsibility of making that person a hero.

A desire to learn.
We hire incredibly smart people, and strive to make them – and ourselves – smarter. We never miss an opportunity to teach. And we work to make that knowledge expansive and accessible. We are a company of learners and of teachers.

A desire to achieve.
Ambition carries us through adversity, over obstacles, and helps Merkle turn vision into reality. Simply said, we look for achievement junkies who have a very strong determination to win.


People who are smart.
“Wicked smart” is what we most often hear about our people. We love that and we look for people like that to join our team. We know our people are smarter than the teams fielded by other agencies. We expect them to be smarter than our clients in solving business challenges. And we require them to continually challenge one another to get, well, even smarter. But we don’t put up with arrogance any more than we do amateurism or ignorance. Merkle’s kind of excellence is without ego, and our smarts are selfless.

People who are curious.
“Why?” is a familiar question in and around Merkle. And it’s always a welcome one.

We don’t spend our time answering the questions, but rather, questioning the answers. Looking beneath the surface. Challenging established norms. So we seek people who take responsibility for making new discoveries and creating new possibilities, for themselves and our clients. Which means as professionals, they’re never bored. And as human beings, they’re never boring.

People who have a sense of urgency.
Merkle moves fast, and time is the most precious commodity we trade. We look for people who can make an impact, and sooner rather than later. We’re a recognized leader, but we behave as though we are behind – staking our survival on the speed with which we act. Pushing hard, as though we are losing. And we hate to lose. We look for people who make their home in winner’s circles, not in comfort zones.

People who are committed to the vision.
When members of a community understand a singular vision, and are committed to a common cause, they grow empowered. And in that alignment, they find their power. We’re looking for people to help drive our success not out of obligation, but out of desire. As a result, we don’t look for people to fill positions. We look for people who aspire, and who represent the best possible teammates to other people who think, and see the world, the same way. People who engage on a deeply personal level. Who take individual accountability and view their work as a fundamental part of their lives.

People who are fun and pleasant.
We work too hard and too long to hang with bores, pessimists or nay-sayers. So we translate “fun and pleasant” into easy-going and energetic. Likable and full of life. The kind of person who leaves you with a thoroughly good feeling. And wanting more of their time. If you’re arrogant -- no matter how smart or experienced -- Merkle is not the place for you.

People who achieve.
In a high-growth company like Merkle, there is always a lot to do. So we ask a lot of our people. Everyone. It’s not intent or effort that are important, here. It’s showing a desire for action and following through. And showing results of which you can be proud.

People who are passionate.
Sure it sounds like cliché, but it’s absolutely true. We want people who will do whatever it takes. And Merkle’s leaders will do whatever it takes to support them. And stay out of their way! That approach allows every member of our community to do what they love. And it’s the reason our clients fall in love with what we do.

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