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Publisher Addressable Marketplaces

The benefits of PAM

  • Addressable – Increase your efficiency with ad delivery to actual known audiences
  • Expansive Reach – Diversify your people-based media plan to a wide array of premium publishers
  • Target People – Leverage benefits of private marketplaces and publisher direct deals that are 100% people based
  • Best Placement – Access guaranteed premium, above-the-fold, fraud-free content and inventory
  • Target Your Customers – Enable known person-level matching and targeting of your first-party data outside large social platforms
  • Easy – We provide all you need for setup and execution of campaigns. Leveraging Sonobi's premium programmatic planning and buying platform, our team securely matches your first-party data, executes and/or supports ad buys, and reports results

Our approach

Publisher Addressable Marketplaces (PAM) is a growing group of publishers who have created access to their known audiences and premium content, making it available to advertisers and agencies. PAM, powered by Merkle’s data, analytics, universal ID, and platform, facilitates the matching of publishers’ known subscriber bases with advertiser first-party customer and prospect data. This creates CRM-based audiences that can be targeted on a one-to-one basis, with more relevant ads across multiple publishers, and across mobile and desktop devices.


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