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Media Solutions

We specialise in advanced automation strategies across performance media campaigns. Our team of consultants and developers work with our clients and wider account teams to design and build custom tech solutions that slot into their ad tech ecosystem - driving efficiency and innovation in campaigns.

This breaks down into three core areas:

  • Reporting setup – We map and automate data from media platforms and build intuitive dashboards to help clients track campaign performance across channels.
  • Automation scripts – Our consultants create scripts to automate various elements of campaign optimisation, driving efficiency and ensuring less time is spent on repetitive tasks so we spend more time on strategic work that adds value.
  • Software development – Our developers build and maintain industry-leading tools that integrate with major media partners to create innovative new solutions to running campaigns.


Average hours in campaign management when a client engages us
Custom script solutions developed in the last 12 months
Technical consultants specialising in performance media
Countries in which we have deployed our solutions for clients

Why it's important

Performance media marketing is a complex and ever-growing discipline. Media partners such as Google and Facebook offer great out-of-the-box solutions, but brands need to build on these with more tailored automation to drive the best return on investment. We partner with clients to deliver on this, creating sophisticated automation solutions that help them gain a competitive edge in an area of marketing that’s constantly innovating.

What makes us different

Our team is unique within the performance media world, consisting of account managers, developers and technical consultants in order to tie campaign management to technical expertise. Everyone in the team has been trained in search, display and social, meaning they can bring in-channel expertise to their work, alongside deep technical knowledge of media partner APIs and platforms such as Google Cloud. By partnering with media owners and our account teams, we develop solutions that add value on top of out-of-the-box automation options.

How we work with clients

We work with clients on both a retainer and project basis depending on what is needed. For larger engagements, we typically work side-by-side with the account management team throughout the onboarding process, focusing first on a successful onboarding of all reporting and existing automation before moving on to develop efficiency driving campaign management scripts. Alongside this, we work with the client to understand their business objectives and develop innovative, bespoke solutions that create new ways to buy, manage and optimise media that drives growth for clients.

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