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Media Science

There is now more data than ever and knowing what to do with it is a challenge. That’s why it’s important to have experts analyse the data and make informed insights that go beyond what can be seen in the platforms. Our team is made up of statisticians, analysts and data engineers who have expertise across web analytics, media activation platforms and cloud solutions. They work closely with media delivery and planning teams to ensure that data is at the heart of everything we do. We help clients move towards customer-centric marketing, from descriptive to predictive analytics, using media analytics, structured testing, audience modelling, measurement and attribution.


GMP certifications
40 +
Google Analytics 360 clients
50 +
Years of experience across analytics and media
85 %
Coverage of tier 1 clients

Why it's important

It is essential to have analysts that understand not only the data, but also the media platforms that it is activated on. Customers today are looking for unique, personal, authentic experiences with brands and they want deeper connections with the businesses they buy from. Delivering on these expectations demands that your business becomes more agile, personalised and orchestrated. This requires the right data and insights to make powerful changes within the business.

What makes us different

We are made up of engineers, analysts, data scientists and data strategists meaning that we don't just crunch numbers but help drive and build long-term roadmaps with our clients that help them achieve their wider business objectives. We don't work in siloes. We have helped to build and shape our planning methodology (Pando) and are fully integrated with our wider media delivery capabilities.

How we work with clients

We believe flexible ways of working are necessary to achieve the best results for our clients. From ongoing retainers, project-based work to consultancy, we engage how you want us to. We can help with all aspects of planning and delivery; what's important is what's right for you.

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