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The China Opportunity - Advertising on Baidu

Merkle Becomes Baidu's First US-Headquartered Reseller

[subheadline shortcode_text="Why Partner with Merkle & Baidu?"]Why Partner with Merkle & Baidu?[/subheadline]

  • Merkle has been working in China for more than seven years and has more than 400 staff members in offices in Shanghai and Nanjing.
  • You can leverage Merkle’s proven global excellence in performance marketing to expand your reach in China. Our advertisers can expect the same data-driven, technology-enabled service and approach you’ve come to expect in the US.
  • Merkle will complete all of the setup and paperwork in China for your account — making the experience easy.
  • Merkle will develop Chinese programs as we do in other markets, adding local market nuances for PPC, SEO, display/programmatic and more. We will provide all translations, maintain an ongoing focus on building out keyword coverage, and ensure flawless execution of your entire program.
  • Your  only ongoing cost is the real-time auction. Because of our relationship with Baidu, Merkle is able to waive any additional fees or commissions.

View Our Webinar

View Merkle's webinar with Baidu: "The China Opportunity"

Ready to learn more about growing your business in China? View our recent webinar with Baidu to learn about their robust offering and to discover the advantages of partnering with Merkle on your Baidu program. View It Now »


  • 4th most trafficked site in the world following Google, Facebook, and YouTube
  • Largest digital platform in China and China’s leading search engine
  • Almost twice the impressions of CCTV (China’s TV network), with 49 billion impressions
  • More than search, Baidu offers unique possibilities in social media, display advertising and through their Brand Zone
What is Baidu?
The Chinese market opportunity


  • 2nd largest economy — set to surpass the US by 2020
  • Biggest eCommerce day in the world — Singles Day on 11/11
  • Largest mobile market globally, with 1.25 billion users
  • Largest online population comfortable transacting digitally
  • A middle class of more than 300 million based on disposable income (CNN)

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