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Data Driven Media

As person-level advertising emerges to the forefront of a new advertising frontier, Merkle continues to lead the way. Merkle's Targeted Media Solution is the first of its kind print ad network that combines the segmentation of direct mail with the cost efficiencies of insert media to provide individually-targeted and cost-effective advertising. Targeted Media Solutions have already gained the attention of national advertisers, and Merkle has successfully developed and executed a number of Targeted Media campaigns for its clients. Unlike its competitors, Merkle is equipped with the analytical resources and data assets required to carry out an elaborate program like Targeted Media Solutions. By definition, it is a turnkey advertising solution that benefits all involved parties, and demand for the program continues to grow as more advertisers and media properties inquire about how to be a part of the unique print ad network.

Insert media – whether used for acquisition, branding or as an offline driver to the web – is a key factor in the multichannel marketing landscape. Insert programs represent over $9 billion in annual ad spend, and it’s expected to continue growing with additional programs added to the marketplace each year. Due to the benefits of insert media such as high open rates, implied endorsements and affiliations, and cost-effectiveness, insert media continues to augment major marketing efforts by blue-chip advertisers worldwide. As a result, targeted insert media is becoming more important to advertisers and more appealing to media properties. Never before has the ability to advertise only to specific individuals been an option, and Merkle is proud to be the first to offer the market with a print ad network that enables advertisers to selectively insert. 

Advertiser: The Merkle Targeted Media Solutions Print Network enables advertisers to target the consumers they want. It combines magazines, catalogs, inserts and direct mail into one turnkey advertising solution so advertisers can target their best prospects across the network and tailor creative and offers by segments.

Targeted Media Solutions clients have experienced a multitude of unique benefits. The Merkle Print Network consists of immeasurable specialty and niche publications, direct mail and catalogs so advertisers can extend their brand reach to more engaged readers. In addition, when targeting at the name and address level, advertisers gain the advantage of eliminating waste, improving cost efficiencies, and increasing response rates. Merkle evaluates campaign performance so advertisers can measure the success of their Targeted Media campaigns through back-end accountability. Also, Merkle manages and executes the entire campaign for its clients, so developing and implementing a campaign is a simple, automated process.

Media: The Merkle Targeted Media Solutions Print Network enables media vehicles to offer advertisers an innovative and cost-effective form of advertising: selective insertion at the individual level. This distinctive opportunity brings exposure to major national advertisers that can lead to new advertising engagements and revenue opportunities. Merkle acts as an extension of its participating media vehicles’ sales team by selling their inventory without the traditional fees. Stemming from the idea of quality over quantity, consumers are not inundated with irrelevant messages. Advertisers communicate only to their top prospects, and media properties earn a pre-determined, volume-based CPM. Merkle manages the entire process but the Network’s members are the ultimate decision makers. In fact, media vehicles possess the right to approve or refuse any advertiser and have a say in rates, units, and creative.

The Targeted Media Solution has received a great deal of attention from national advertisers, and interest in the program continues to grow. Media vehicles that maintain the name and address of their readers can join the Merkle Targeted Media Solutions Print Network, and benefit from the unique program.       


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