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Our mission is to develop analytically-driven data sourcing optimization solutions that drive performance and CRM strategies for our clients. Brokerage and Customer Acquisition Services is a critical discipline in Merkle’s Data Sourcing and Optimization capabilities. Our brokerage team was established more than 25 years ago. We have deep-rooted knowledge of hundreds of different data sources and employ a consultative engagement model to customize solutions for our clients.

To drive value and results, your Merkle team takes an agnostic and unbiased analytical approach to sourcing and optimizing data. This methodology allows us to provide the optimal mix of data, resulting in the best possible performance from our clients’ marketing programs.

Within our list brokerage team we have over 75 years of combined experience. This gives us the experience and industry reach to contact, negotiate and evaluate any data source in the industry that is attractive to you. Our agnostic data sourcing strategy is the same strategy we employ for list brokerage. We believe our clients need to have access to the complete marketing data landscape. In order to build an effective strategy with our clients, we have built an overall engagement framework.

Our new customer engagement journey is the framework for how Merkle works with clients to assess their needs, and develop the right solutions to drive their business. It was developed to help you transform your business and is mapped based on all the data assets we have regarding your customers, business goals and key performance metrics. The key components of the engagement framework are highlighted below:

Data Sourcing Engagement Framework

Dry List Testing:
Within our List Brokerage Team, we have the unique ability to evaluate lists prior to being mailed through our Dry List Testing Program. Dry List Testing is an analytic approach to testing the predictive value of a data source without having to incur the expense of in-mail testing. The Dry List testing process allows you to rank-order lists based on their pre-determined performance. Benefits to Dry List Testing are:

  • A way to cut through the clutter of the tens of thousands of vertical lists in the market
  • A tool to identify less-obvious new prospecting universes that likely would have been missed
  • A tool to use as leverage in list negotiations to help drive down CPM and avoid costs on list tests that fail
  • A solution that expedites the “test to rollout” process - aggressively ramp new marketing campaigns
  • An unbiased and analytical approach to testing the value of a list without incurring full mailing costs

What Sets Us Apart from traditional list brokerage:
We know there are options with List Brokerage, but our approach to List Brokerage and our data evaluation is unique and superior to our competitors.

Key Differentiators for Data Sourcing

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