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We produce creative that cuts through the digital advertising noise that today's consumers are exposed to. We use data to inform our creative strategy, ideation, design and copy in order to make personalised creative and content that's delivered to the right person, at the right time, on the right channel; because this is what drives performance. But our drive to craft creative that works doesn't stop when it goes live – we analyse what performs, and what doesn't, to continually optimise our approach for our clients.


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Why it's important

Ever-increasing sophistication in consumer targeting offers the opportunity to speak to people on an almost one-to-one level – but without the relevant creative execution to match, even the most well-targeted ads can be missed by their audience. Equally, delivering the wrong creative can do more harm than delivering none at all. Creative directly affects brand performance, both in terms of engagement and conversion, so it’s important not to rely on targeting alone.

What makes us different

We blend data-led audience insight, proven best-practice principles, and creative expertise to produce strategies, concepts and deliverables focused on performance. We implement rigorous creative testing plans, so we continuously learn about what works – and what doesn’t – in order to optimise ad performance over time and gain a greater understanding of our clients’ audiences. But we don’t do this alone. We work collaboratively with multiple disciplines within Merkle, from Strategy & Planning, Media and Analytics to SEO and DX to develop holistic creative approaches for clients that work.

How we work with clients

Flexibility and collaboration are the cornerstones of our ways of working. We align with the processes our clients prefer while continuously assessing and improving our ways of working – in essence, we test and learn our approach as our working relationship progresses. We also work collaboratively with any other agencies our clients work with – because we believe the best work comes out of openness and transparency, not siloes.

Creative Training Courses

We understand that sometimes clients want to in-house creative (or just want to become more savvy), and we need to be there to support them regardless of organisation size or complexity. 

Our team comprises of creative designers, technical designers, copywriters, video producers & creative technology specialists, all trained to deliver effective training in their specialist areas. We have already successfully trained clients on performance creative through to dynamic creative, from small through to large clients.

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