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Tag Manager 360

Using Tag Manager 360 means faster turnarounds in adding tracking to your website, lower IT overheads and an easy-to-digest historical record of all tags. We can help you with your implementation process from initial coping all the way through to final debugging and sign-off.

Tag Manager 360 Experts

We've been Google-accredited GTM specialists since the tool's inception so we're about as experienced as you get in implementing it. We're also part of an elite group of partners who support with the development of the tool. Happily, having gone through the process hundreds of times already, we've created a simple process, artfully outlined below. 

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How we can help you

  • Audits
  • Account Set Up
  • Data Layer Design
  • Container Builds
  • Testing
  • Governance 

Depending on your internal resource, we can take on all, or part, of this process but our preferred projects are where we are brought in from the start. This means we can to help ensure all steps in the workflow are as developed as efficiently as possible. We will help you with:

  • Upfront immersion, needs analysis, measurement planning and the creation of a tracking matrix. Before a single piece of code is added, we want to understand the entirety of what is required in order to best support your analytics framework.
  • Data layer consultancy. A critical component of a GTM installation, a well thought-out and constructed data layer means the installation phase is able to quickly and easily be conducted. We support with developers as necessary or can even write the code for you.
  • Implementation. We get our hands dirty in the tool, adding tags, rules and variables as necessary.
  • Debugging and quality assurance. The most critical part of the process, we have a dedicated Quality Assurance resource internally to help create user stories and thoroughly debug the installation against the pre-agreed specification.
  • Training. It’s not for everyone, but hopefully you’re looking to become self-sufficient with your GTM installation moving forwards! We offer practical workshop-based training that can occur before or after our installation, leaving you with all the knowledge you need. 

Clients we've helped

Pru Health
Royal London
The Body Shop
efinancial careers
Universal Music Group

Tag Manager 360

Tag Manager 360 is the enterprise version of the free Google Tag Manager. The most crucial part is there are Service Level Agreements around reliability and up-time so your business can rest assured that your tracking is in safe hands. The tool also has a series of features that it shares with its free equivalent. These include:

  • Requiring two-factor authentication – you can ensure that all users with access to your Tag Manager container must be authenticated via 2-Step Verification. This added layer of security means there should be no concerns with the access of your account.
  • Restricted tag deployment – another security consideration; you can limit the types of tags that can be added via a container using the “tag blacklist” functionality 
  • Automatic malware detection – Tag Manager proactively looks for the presence of tags in your container that fire malware and notify you that action need to be taken.


"I have now used Merkle twice at two different organisations over the past few years and at Diabetes UK we have just completed the move to Google Tag Manager with their support. Honestly I can't praise them highly enough."

"A great company to work with! Our bespoke Google Tag Manager training course was professional and perfectly tailored to our needs. I would have no issues recommending Merkle."

"Merkle were professional from the outset. A thorough audit report was provided detailing not only how GTM would help implement GA across our site, but how event tracking can help provide strategic insight. A useful training session was provided to help employees understand GTM. Their post implementation support has been particularly beneficial, providing excellent technical assistance."

Expert advice

If you’re wondering whether to make the switch to Tag Manager 360, evaluating a number of tag management vendors or know that you require support with your installation, we’d love to hear from you. We work with clients on Dynamic Tag Manager, Tealium and more so we can help be the voice of experience if this is new. For questions on processes, pricing or best-practice, we're the team to speak to!

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