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We're Optimizely Certified Partners and the second most Optimizely-qualified team in the world (at last count!). Talk to us about testing, personalisation or simply getting more from your testing program.

Optimizely & Merkle 

Optimizely is one of the leading A/B & MVT testing and personalisation platforms going - so we were always likely to be friends! We've been using the tools for over six years now and have looked on with glee as it's improved it's feature-set around personalisation, audience targeting, app-optimisation and it's stats engine. Optimizely is the perfect tool to help us to determine whether our recommendations from our Data-Driven Analysis & User Experience Analysis are just a bit better, or massively better than the original (sometimes they're not, but don't fret - that's still useful learnings!). As a result, our team is hugely passionate about the tool, demonstrated by the fact that we're the second most-qualified team in the world, having passed both Platform and Developer qualifications.

Merkle & Optimizely clients


How can we help you?

If you're interested in getting more from your website, and inviting data into your decision-making then Optimizely is made for you. Whether you're new to the tool completely or just looking to kick-start your optimisation efforts, we can help. There's several areas that we can assist you with and you can pick & choose the ones that suit you best. Alternatively you can go for the whole kit & caboodle and let us take on the whole process for you! To delve into the detail, we can help with:

  • Showing you the Optimizely tool, what you can do with it and get you thinking about test ideas. If you are interested, we can even bring Optimizely in to help answer any questions you have - they'll do anything for a cup of coffee and a bourbon.
  • Once you've got the tool, we can help to build a culture of testing. Not just how to use Optimizely, but how to plan, implement and judge tests.
  • Alternatively, we can do the above for you! If you've got ideas you want to test, chuck them our way and we can do the heavy-lifting for you!
  • Equally, we can come to you with insight & recommendations on what to test based on your web analytics and other qualitative data
  • This includes the full personalisation process from dynamic tagging through to dynamic customer profile
  • Finally, the results! We can report back to you on the big headlines, the more interesting secondary effects on user journey and work with you to determine next steps.

You could then be another one of our happy customers that we've helped optimise.

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