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Google Surveys 360

Surface your customer's voice, quickly and inexpensively.

Google Surveys 360 allows you to surface your customer’s voice, quickly and inexpensively. The tool, as the name suggests, is a predominately a market research and surveying platform. With a larger focus on the respondent, Google has developed a tool that provides high quality qualitative insight within a short time frame. 

Respondents are incentivized to provide honest and detailed feedback, either by gaining access to premium content on Google’s partner sites or by receiving credit to the Google Play store via the Google Opinions Reward app. This approach ensures the quality of respondent’s feedback and also utilizes Google’s reach across the web to provide access to 10M+ potential respondents.

Making use of the tool

Google Survey 360 provides the functionality to understand the ‘why’ to your data. There’s a wide range of advanced targeting methods available, including Occupation Targeting, Zip Code Targeting and Cookie List Retargeting, to just name a few. Utilizing these targeting methods will enable you to reach very specific, relevant audiences to you and gain qualitative data you can use to inform a wide range of business decisions.

An example of the reporting interface:


The core uses of the tool as we see it are as follows:

Consumer Research

Take a pulse on consumer demands, behaviours and preferences. Gain an understanding of your consumer’s opinions on business relevant decisions, allowing you to react quickly and decisively to consumer data. An example use case here would be gaining consumer awareness on a specific area or product, and using that insight to inform your strategy before you’ve invested too heavily.

Brand Tracking

Understand and measure brand awareness and brand perception. The tool can be used as a regular gauge to understand how this fluctuates over time, but also as a tool to measure the impact of current events or changes to your media activity.

Ad Effectiveness

Measure campaign awareness and ad recall to gain additional insight into the optimization of your media campaigns. Gain deeper insight into the ‘why’ and ‘how’ that your traditional campaign metrics don’t provide. Utilizing this extra knowledge to inform the effectiveness of your media strategy and adapt based on this insight.

Some of the available targeting methods:

google surveys targeting image

How can we help?

As a data driven agency, making use of both quantitative or qualitative data, we’ve got extensive experience of developing surveys to deliver consumer insights. We can support you in a number of ways: 

  • Strategic planning to understand how we can utilize Google Surveys 360 to support your existing and future business objectives. Including developing an optimum targeting strategy to reach your desired audiences.
  • Configuration of the consumer surveys, including our expertise and experience in the optimal wording and structure of surveys to receive the best responses.
  • Post survey reporting and analysis. To gain the full wealth of knowledge from your recipient’s responses, we’ll provide you with visual reports of the survey responses as well as analysis taking a deeper dive on the findings. Ensuring that the learnings from the survey as incorporated into future activities. This may also involve unifying data from Google Surveys 360 with other data sources to compile an extensive output, such as other tools from the 360 Suite.

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