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Testing & Personalisation

A/B testing and personalisation is a cornerstone of a good digital strategy. Using voice of customer tools alongside analysis of web analytics data, we can help define where and how to improve your website.

Testing & Personalisation

Here's where we improve your website to make you more money. We analyse your website performance, add a generous dose of best practice experience and test our recommendations through our conversion rate optimisation services.

Our approach to conversion rate optimisation

We look to combine our core strength in data analysis with best practice, UX and experience of what works to identify:

  1. Where the website is currently under performing
  2. Why we anticipate that performance is not as strong in that area
  3. What we can do to improve that performance
  4. The best way to test our hypothesis or personalisation strategy

Our conversion rate optimisation (CRO) process is outlined below

CRO process


CRO Measurement

Our framework

We have developed a structured optimisation framework for every step of the user journey, from marketing through to retention and everything in between. We apply this to your website in the context of your web analytics and voice of customer data to zero in on the weak spots for your experience. The key is continued incremental uplifts in conversion rate across the user journey - the bottom line is – you become more successful.

An example of a step from our framework is below:


CRO Customer Framework

Conversion Rate Optimisation Customers



Royal London

How can we help

We work on optimisation programs for clients ranging from SME to global corporates. Within that client base we take on all or part of the optimisation process. We will support you in the following areas:

  1. Insight generation. As the largest Google Analytics team in the UK, our experience with the tool is unrivalled. Our insight makes use of the full capability of the tool to narrow down where the site would benefit from optimisation most. We combine this "what" with the "why" it's not working so well, from voice of customer tools and are always happy to support with selecting or using a tool. Our strong grounding in data to determine test means our proportion of tests that get a result is far higher than industry average. 
  2. Building the test. Whether that's in Optimize 360, Optimizely or another tool, we have the necessary technical know-how to develop the variations in your style. Our experience with these tools ensure that you can benefit from sophisticated testing, water-tight QA and successful deployments of tests.
  3. Reporting and delivering learnings. In addition to the big number the testing platforms spit out, we add context to the result you get via segmentation and further analytics analysis. We also look to push the learnings from testing into the organisation, accelerating change and business improvement.
  4. Structured optimisation roadmap. Through the combination of project management, strategic business reviews and documentation we ensure that your optimisation program is laser-focused, on time and continually adding value.


CRO Growth


“Watchfinder has been working with Merkle to understand our onsite conversion rates & discover how they could be improved. They measured visitor behaviour through advanced segmentation & launched the GiftFinder feature to facilitate product searches. Overall the e-commerce conversion rate increased by 350% while the per-visit value for this group saw 96% growth.”
Rebecca Mould, Marketing Manager, Watchfinder

Rebecca Mould, Marketing Manager, Watchfinder

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