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Marketing Imperatives

Mastering the Addressable Customer Experience

Give Customers a Better Experience

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With the widespread adoption of addressable audience platforms, it’s easier to reach customers than it ever has been. It is now possible to directly address ideal customers in the mid-funnel and deliver a personalized experience seamlessly across channels, driving next-level performance and stronger customer relationships.

But the road there is challenging. The Marketing Imperatives outline what an organization must do to ensure that their customer experiences are effective, meaningful, and seamless.

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Overview: Mastering the Addressable Customer Experience

Rationalize the Mid Funnel Supply Chain

1. Rationalize the Mid Funnel Supply Chain

Traditional marketing supply chains focused on the channel, not the customer. By reimagining how your processes, organization, and technology work together, you can enable better customer experiences.

Execute the 3 Cs of the Addressable Customer Experience

2. Execute on the “3 Cs” of the Addressable Customer Experience

A meaningful, truly personalized experience requires tailoring the content to the context of a customer. Learn to combine the art and science of customer insight for highly effective addressable experiences. 

Consolidate the Mid Funnel Tech Stack

3. Consolidate the Mid Funnel Technology Stack

Addressability blurs the lines of traditionally distinct technology stacks for the upper, middle, and lower funnels. Implement an integrated technology approach to apply customer insight to every stage of the lifecycle. 


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