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Sweat the Assets

What we see

29 %
Of total marketing budgets is invested in martech say CMOs (Gartner)
69 %
Of marketers are using marketing automation platforms (Salesforce)
3 %
Of marketers feel they get full value out of their tools (State of Marketing Technology 2017)

What we think

When seeking a better way to do marketing, it’s easy to seize upon a new piece of technology as a foundational aspect of your solution. 

In some cases, it may indeed be the case. However, it’s vital that this isn’t the first option considered. Instead, the focus should be on the problems you’re facing. Only by weighing these issues up can you truly reach a conclusion about the most efficient way to resolve these. It is often the case that you already have a capability sitting unused in the tech that your department currently has access to. Once you have identified the problem you are trying to resolve, you can work from there. 

Marketing technologies these days have so much functionality embedded, it’s not surprising that most brands aren’t making maximum use of the tech at their disposal. Often there will have been limited training time for staff when getting up and running, and it will have been focused solely on solving the issue the tech was purchased to address. That translates to making new investments each time a new challenge arises, and ultimately to a sizeable, unwieldy, unaligned martech stack. 

By taking a step back, looking again at your issue and then your technology you may well find the answer already exists within your tech stack.

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