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Market Trends



In today’s marketplace, most business leaders have a strong desire to deliver the most relevant, personalised, cross channel experience for their customers. It is seen as a huge competitive imperative.

Achieving this is hard, and requires a balance of many dimensions, spanning technology, data, insights, content, data and ways of working. It requires building people-based marketing solutions and enabling businesses to deliver through them. Businesses must also solve for the harder and more complex organisational makeovers that are required to make this happen.

In pursuit of a people first strategy that puts the customer’s needs at the centre of their organisation, they need to develop an integrated customer strategy that enables them to provide customers with contextually relevant information whenever and wherever they want it.

Market trends will impact all areas of marketing, especially customer experience at the heart of it all

2019 Trends



2019 Trend: Agility


How do we (the business) become more nimble and develop the agility needed to rapidly respond to the changes we need to make?

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2019 Trend: Digital Acceleration

Digital Acceleration

How do we (the business) embrace a Channel+1 mentality and rapidly accelerate digital enablement for customers?

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2019 Trend: Clear and sustainable value


There are so many conflicting priorities – how do we (the business) focus on all of these requirements and still deliver clear and  sustainable value.

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2019 Trend: Bringing strategically important capabilities in-house


How do we bring that which is strategic and important in-house, and not lose momentum and commercial opportunity in the process?

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2019 Trend: Better value out of existing investments

Sweat the Assets

How do we (the business) better use the investments we already have to drive enhanced value immediately?

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