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Scanning, Data Capture and Imaging

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There’s no room for error with your data. That’s why there’s no room for anyone except Merkle Response to provide fast, accurate and efficient scanning, data entry and document imaging services.

In addition to the benefits you’ll receive from our unparalleled accuracy and extensive quality control processes; you’ll enjoy a completely customized data capture, image archiving and image retrieval solution, developed exclusively for your organization. We utilize and regularly invest in the latest scanning and imaging technology that reduces data capture costs while offering the necessary flexibility to support your marketing programs.

Every organization handles its document scanning and data-capture requirements differently. We consider it our responsibility to adapt our services to you—not vice versa. Whatever your needs, we will provide a seamless, cost-effective solution that works for you.  Have lots of undeliverable mail?  We can capture the changes for updating or suppression and even help find better addresses.

We offer:

  • Customized processes and procedures to support 24-hour delivery of data following deposit
  • 98% or better service levels
  • Scan data capture
  • Manual key data entry
  • Direct key into client databases and websites
  • Match-back and finder files to minimize data capture costs and enhance accuracy
  • Check digit routines & validation tables
  • Complete document imaging, archiving and retrieval capabilities

Nobody gives you more complete and easier access to your documents than Merkle Response. Whereas other donation and remittance processing companies may simply scan your information, Merkle Response offers a far more organized and comprehensive imaging system to archive and access your documents.

First, Merkle Response captures every document we process in image form. Whatever an envelope contains—from a check, to a letter, to a comment on a Post-It note—we scan it into our imaging software, including both sides of documents up to 11 x 17 inches.

Your staff has easy access to all archived images via Arch-e, Merkle Response’s web-based electronic archive. Using the Arch-e image viewer, you may search on any data field (for example, name, zip code, dollar amount of a transaction) and immediately retrieve all of the matching transactions and associated images. Images can also be e-mailed to your customers directly out of the Arch-e application.

If you prefer, Merkle Response can deliver all captured images directly into your organization’s existing image storage system.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can efficiently serve your data capture and document imaging needs.

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