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Merkle Innovation Cloud

Think Big. Act Small. Move Fast.

Merkle Innovation Cloud (MIC) brings the art of possible to life. MIC enables companies to test out the integration of people-based data and intelligence with leading marketing cloud technologies – prior to investing in a full implementation. MIC’s lab environment ensures that companies have the best solutions to meet their organizations’ unique business objectives, replacing guesswork with actual results. With MIC, organizations can lean on Merkle’s expertise to assist with unifying brand, data, and technologies together to deliver personalized, cross-channel experiences. MIC enables marketers to preserve big ideas by starting small, failing better, and moving forward – quickly.

Your Challenge:

Innovative ideas surround your organization, but so do the risks associated with change. You are balancing marketing clouds, email platforms, CRM systems, databases, and the next big thing that has bubbled up from a department head.  Where and how should your organization invest and, more importantly, will this investment play well with your entire digital ecosystem?

Our Promise:

The art of the possible comes to life by integrating Merkle’s people-based data and intelligence with leading marketing cloud technologies to deliver personalized cross-channel experiences. We eliminate risks by creating testable, real-life use cases in a lab environment that closely represent your current- or ideal future-state environment. By developing your own prototype, you get to learn through experience. Here’s your chance, grab the MIC!

Request a demo at the Adobe Summit

As an Adobe Platinum Sponsor, Merkle will be performing live, in-booth demonstrations of MIC at 2017 Adobe Summit. Get ready to experience first-hand how we successfully integrate Merkle’s people-based data and intelligence with Adobe Marketing Cloud. Complete this form to request a private demonstration with a MIC expert in Las Vegas from March 21-23 at The Venetian Hotel.

[subheadline shortcode_text="Bring your proof of concept to life"]Bring your proof of concept to life[/subheadline]

If your answers to the following mission-critical questions are “no,” then it’s time for a session with one of our MIC experts:

  • Do I know enough about my online consumer to activate personalized messaging in every interaction?
  • Am I realizing the full power of my marketing technology investments?
  • Is my team able to identify and activate high-value customer segments throughout my entire digital ecosystem?
  • Are my conversion path and user experience being optimized to achieve maximum conversion lift and retention?
  • Do I have the right systems in place to effectively re-engage inactive customers?
  • Is my organization set up to evaluate and integrate new marketing technologies as the customer journey incorporates even more touchpoints across new devices?
  • Am I using my CRM data combined with my digital interaction data to provide relevant experiences ecosystem?

From analytics and data management platforms (DMPs) to orchestration and personalization tools, our demo sessions allow you to get under the hood of a real-world, multi-channel marketing campaign experience. By testing email, web, mobile, SMS, sales rep, direct mail, and social channels, you’ll see how your current or future state systems should work together to activate the modern customer conversation.

What MIC covers:

  • Analytics/Insight Platforms
  • Data Management Platform (DMP)
  • Orchestration and multi-channel execution like email, direct mail, web
  • Testing and personalization

Current use cases:

  • Cross-platform personalized content
  • Data-driven, platform-triggered interactions
  • Digital-to-physical interactions
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