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Marketing Imperatives for Retail & Consumer Goods



The Award-Winning Series Continues
The Rise of the Platform Marketer™ for Retail & Consumer Goods

About the Marketing Imperatives for Retail & Consumer Goods

Put the 2014 Marketing Imperatives for Retail & Consumer Goods Companies into Action and Reap the Rewards

The balance of power within retail and consumer goods companies has shifted: Consumers are in charge. They are connected, informed and empowered through multiple interchangeable channels ranging from social media to mobile, from offline stores to omni-channel platforms. Today’s consumers expect an engaging, immediate and personalized experience, regardless of where and when they research, browse, shop and purchase. As a result, retailers and consumer goods companies must constantly evolve to reach their targeted audiences, create differentiated experiences and compete aggressively for the attention and loyalty of their desired customers. But how can a retailer or consumer goods company achieve personalization at scale, connecting with each customer as an individual through their preferred channels?

Delivering the promise of omni-channel through addressability at scale

One of the greatest opportunities for attaining competitive advantage in the digital marketing age is through addressability at scale (AAS) — the ability to attract new customers and build loyalty with existing customers using a diverse range of digital audience platforms. Using digital platforms to extend their reach, retailers and consumer goods companies can deliver targeted, personalized experiences to consumers, enabled through the application of data at a massive scale — when, where and how the customer chooses. Retailers who achieve AAS have:

  • The ability to create and manage a 360-degree view of the customer across offline and digital platforms
  • The ability to micro-target and personalize the media and channel experience of their customers
  • The ability to use customer insights to inform merchandising decisions including product allocation, promotions and pricing strategies
  • The ability to measure media and the consumer’s path to purchase to iteratively improve marketing return on investment (MROI)

To fully deliver on the promise of omni-channel and tap into the vast opportunities of digital platforms, leading retail and consumer goods organizations are at the forefront of CRM transformation centered on the customer — employing new marketing capabilities, infrastructure and vision. The 2014 Marketing Imperatives provide a blueprint for successful CRM transformation. Are you ready? 



Conquer Addressability at Scale

Creating competitive advantage through the digital audience platforms



Master the Competencies of the Platform Marketer™

Honing your skills in data, analytics and audience experience to drive digital performance



Build the Technology Stack

Enable the competencies of the Platform Marketer™



Prepare for Transformation

Charting the path for change



The Webinar



Learn about the Rise of the Platform Marketer™ from a cCRM expert
2014 Marketing Imperatives Webinar
Presented by: Craig Dempster, EVP, CMO and Customer Experience Group Leader

Merkle has spent two years building the foundation of Connected CRM (cCRM), and through our award-winning, annual Marketing Imperatives initiative, we have been laying out the principles and framework for building customer strategy as a business strategy. The 2014 Marketing Imperatives build upon the 2012 & 2013 releases, and illustrate the massive opportunity of addressability at scale enabled by the evolving digital platforms. During this information-packed webinar, attendees learned how to:


Create competitive advantage, using addressability in the digital audience platforms


Develop platform marketer skills in data, analytics and audience experience that will drive digital performance


Construct the technology stack to enable the cCRM strategy


Build a roadmap for the enterprise transformation required to implement



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Ready to achieve addressability at scale (AAS) through the evolving digital audience platforms? Fill out the form below to be put in touch with one of our teams who will help navigate your cCRM journey.

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