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Display Advertising

Merkle works with clients to better understand their display program options and develop a strategy that is unique to their organization’s goals. We recognize that each client is different and we’ll leverage your overall marketing initiatives, creative assets, and display campaign data in order to drive performance-based results for your program.

Whether it’s finding the true value of view-through conversions for retargeting or figuring out how prospecting initiatives drive customers down the conversion funnel, Merkle maximizes multiple data points to craft a display program that will have a positive impact on your business – showing the incremental impact of display within the context of your larger marketing program.

Merkle’s display retargeting generates positive ROI even by the strictest testing standards; delivering dynamically created ads to customers with images, names, prices and other attributes of previously viewed products.

Merkle’s system maintains data points like price changes, inventory and availability to ensure accurate, targeted creative and a consistent user experience. Real-time bid management sets bids on each impression based on likelihood of conversion relating to factors like user behavior, intent, semantics, geography and demographics..

Why Merkle?

Maximize ROI through real-time bidding. Pair the potential value of an impression to the impression cost at the most granular level, maximizing return on ad spend.

Sophisticated testing illustrates the incremental value of display. Merkle measures the value of impressions accurately through A/B testing and defines incremental return.

Drive more conversions: Sync the offer to the customer. Creative that targets qualified customers generates higher response rates and delivers more conversions.

Automatic product and inventory updates. Ensure that the price and availability in the dynamic display ad match reality.

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