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Ready to do the best work of your career?


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One of the hallmarks of a Merkle employee is the tenacious pursuit of great work.

The people we hire aren’t here to clock in, collect a paycheck, and clock out — they’re driven by a thirst for achievement and the knowledge that somewhere out there is a solution to their problem.

We call this obsession with performance being #MerkleProud. Learn more about it in our ongoing video series.

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Want to see our current career opportunities?

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Our Refreshingly Honest Culture

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The work is paramount here. We hire smart, talented, driven people, so we want our employees to be themselves. We abhor corporate red tape and unnecessary dress pants (even our CEO wears jeans). Our people truly are our greatest asset — bring your personality and style to the office and don’t be afraid to have some fun.

  • Business is personal
  • Recruit and retain great people
  • Trust and transparency are mission critical
  • Principles trump rules
  • Tackle the brutal truths head-on
  • Community matters
  • Nothing outweighs high-performing people, relationships, and results
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With year-over-year growth, increasing industry recognition, and the lack of bureaucracy that only privately held companies enjoy, Merkle is an ideal setting for talented people to grow and flourish in their careers. You’ll have frequent opportunities to make a difference on cutting-edge projects and get noticed as an individual while being guided by leadership who wants you to succeed and advance.
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From flexible work schedules, fun office events, and cash rewards to extensive health benefits and savings plans, we invest in our employees, because our employees are our company.
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Ready to Apply?

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Current Openings

With more than 15 offices worldwide, Merkle constantly has new job openings popping up. To keep up with this fluctuation, and because we’re a digital agency, we ask all applicants to apply online.

Visit our listings page to browse all openings by location and job description. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Our Unique Hiring Process

Merkle's hiring process is unlike many others you might experience, both in the way that we interview people and in the way that we ultimately select them.

From the Project Review to the Interview Caucus, learn about what it takes to join Merkle.

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