How innovation drives retail marketing strategies

June 14, 2023

Detailed Overview

In today’s challenging economic landscape everyone is feeling the pressure to innovate, focus on ROI and get ahead of the competition. Across industries, the compounding effects of inflation and privacy regulations are pulling marketers in multiple directions forcing them to do less with more.

Join Rokt and Merkle for an exclusive webinar on innovation in e-commerce: future-proofing your brand, acquiring customers and driving profit. This webcast will explore the marketplace dynamics that are shaping performance marketing strategies today, offering actionable advice on driving long-term sustainable growth while meeting the evolving needs of consumers.

In this webinar, experts from Merkle and Rokt will discuss:

  • Alternate revenue paths—what are they and how to choose.
  • Diversifying your media mix—what and when to test new channels.
  • How to use customer data and insights to deliver personalized experiences that drive loyalty and customer acquisition.
  • What are the KPIs of the future.

Our presenters