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Adobe Training Courses

Our desire at Merkle is to achieve flawless customer experiences through integrated marketing. Using a connected technology stack, like Adobe, brands can begin to tackle this challenge head on. Our Adobe training programme has been designed to help your marketing team unpack the Experience Cloud products and unleash their potential for your business.

Available Adobe Training Courses


1. Adobe 101


Adobe Ad Cloud

2. Adobe Ad Cloud – Display

3. Adobe Ad Cloud – Search


Adobe Analytics Cloud

4. Adobe Analytics

5. Adobe Audience Manager


Adobe Marketing Cloud

6. Adobe Campaign

7. Adobe Experience Manager

8. Adobe Target

Adobe 101 Training Course

An exploration of the full Adobe product suite. Build confidence in delivering holistic campaigns, making the most of the features and integrations within Adobe's Advertising Cloud, Analytics Cloud and Marketing Cloud products.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the use cases and functionality of the Adobe technology stack
  • Why use ad cloud - explore the benefits and differentiators to other platforms in available in the industry
  • Watch the Adobe stack working through a real-life x-ray demo

Adobe Ad Cloud DSP Training Course

Learn how to plan, build and buy programmatically across Adobe using our best practice guidelines. Develop a toolkit for targeting, automation and analysis for improving performance. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understanding the basics of Adobe’s Advertising offering and how Adobe as a DSP fits into the programmatic landscape. 
  • Taking a deep dive into the targeting tools within Adobe and apply best practice for effective programmatic campaigns.
  • Learning about campaign hierarchies and how to build both display and video campaigns within the Adobe DSP.

Download course guide

Adobe Analytics Training Course

Learn about the key capabilities of Adobe Analytics and how to find your way around the platform. Give your team the skills they require to get started with Adobe Analytics, understand how it works and how to use the interface to uncover actionable business insights. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Discover some of the key features of Adobe Analytics and why people choose it as an analytics platform. 
  • Explore the building blocks of Adobe Analytics data, and how these can be customised. 
  • Delve into the reporting capabilities of Adobe Analytics and activation across the Experience Cloud. 
  • Build simple visualisations in the Analysis Workspace interface.

Download course guide

Adobe Audience Manager Training Course

Suitable for beginners and intermediate users of Adobe Audience Manager DMP, we run through everything that is required to set up and roll-out your DMP effectively.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how to integrate Adobe Audience Manager effectively
  • Explore the traits and segments available
  • Consider the best practices for naming convention and taxonomy
  • Build confidence in account management skills through activation, analysis and reporting

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Adobe Campaign Training Course

Explore how to use Adobe Campaign to enable journey orchestration for enhanced and personalised customer experiences. A tailored training session to the team's needs and instance, the Adobe Campaign training is broken into beginner, intermediate and advanced feature adoption.

Learning Outcomes

  • Delivering best-in-class campaigns across all channels
  • Tracking, reporting and optimising campaigns

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Adobe Experience Manager Training Course

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is the leading digital experience management solution for marketing and IT professionals to create and deliver digital experiences. Within this training we will focus on AEM fundamentals, as well as the more advanced AEM features

Learning Outcomes:

  • User interface and terminology
  • Authoring skills
  • Creating and editing pages using the page editor
  • Creating fluid experiences through targeted content
  • Editable templates and management
  • Advanced authoring concepts

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Adobe Target Training Course

Learn the best practices of website testing and personalisation using Adobe Target. This session will run through the core concepts and workflows for you to be able to use the tool with confidence. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Intro to the Adobe Target interface and core concepts 
  • Experience cloud integrations 
  • Activity types: AB, XT, automated personalisation, MVT and recommendations 
  • Visual Experience Composer 
  • Previewing, QA and publishing 
  • The reporting interface

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“Merkle delivered consistently high-quality training across a number of different Adobe platforms to my team. Each one was perfectly pitched and paced to ensure we all came away with a strong understanding of how the platforms operate, as well as answering specific needs for each attendee.”

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