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Technology Enablement


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Data maturity assessments conducted
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Technology consultancy engagements delivered


The Technology Enablement Challenge

Marketing now is responsible for growth and must stretch its purview to include ownership of customer data and the overall customer experience. This can’t be achieved without a clear connection to all customer-related business functions: sales, service, finance, logistics, product, channel etc.

Your ability to deliver Data and identity management is fundamental to achieving the goal of total customer experience. If you can nail your digital capabilities and maximise your data assets and analytic skills, then you can transform into a highly customer-centric organisation, using technology to enable the personalised experiences that build strong bonds with customers.

However, the way we manage data, identity and experience is evolving becoming increasingly more sophisticated whilst complex over time.

Why it matters to your company

In our always-on, real-time culture, consumers expect their interactions to be frictionless and relevant. In order to be successful in that realm, you need to understand them, anticipate their needs, and use ever more engaging levels of personalisation in the ways you connect with them across any customer touch-point.

Consequently, Merkle have seen a rapid evolution of our Marketing Technology and data management solutions to support this demand.

More technology is not always the solution

In order to evaluate where to focus an organisation’s efforts to deliver this customer-centric experience, we have developed a maturity consultancy practice. Our experienced consultants use our Data Maturity Framework to understand what capabilities currently exist, how they stack up against what is trying to be delivered, and what needs to be developed in order to improve. What we find is that whilst more technology or better data management solutions can be the answer, often there is more that can be achieved through better collaboration, integration or utilisation of existing technology and improved ways of working, access and internal processes.

You can be assured that our motivation is to maximise the value you are getting from your existing technology stack, before making recommendations on new solutions to add in.

The Merkle solution

Enterprise technology requires a complete understanding of the organisation. We partner with you to define, implement, and manage marketing and advertising technology platforms within that full picture. We bring deep data management capabilities to integrate all customer and prospect data into a holistic view.

By leveraging today’s leading cloud platforms, you get the measurable benefits that a customised stack offers.

You also get real visibility and speed to market.

Why work with us?

With proven success in helping brands use technology as a competitive advantage, we have:

  • Specialists in major marketing and advertising technologies
  • Leading data integration and identity management capabilities and solutions
  • Deep technology partnerships with marketing leading vendors
  • A proprietary data maturity assessment to evaluate what the best next steps for your organisation look like, and to form a roadmap of development

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