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Strategy & Planning

Our mission is to transform the way organisations plan media and encourage collaborative working across historically siloed disciplines. We also design connected customer experiences and position first-person data at the heart of all marketing decision making to drive efficiency and value.

Our proprietary planning methodology, Pando, allows multidisciplinary teams to work towards a common vision by anchoring divergent workstreams with a unified data source. Each data source is unique to the client, consisting of the brand’s owned first-party customer data and bolstered with insights from our proprietary data solution, DataSource – the most comprehensive source of consumer identity and insight in the UK.


500 %
Team growth in the last three years
£ 1 M
In revenue, up from £100k just three years ago


Why it's important

66% of people are prepared to commit to a premium if the brand can establish a meaningful rapport with them. Pando Planning leverages your first-person data to not only plan with real data from real people, but also target real people with highly relevant communications as they browse from channel to channel. This means we can orchestrate conversations that are unique and entirely seamless to an individual, resulting in better customer experiences and an increased likelihood of brand engagement.

What makes us different

Using first-person data in both planning and activation makes us unique. Third-party data and tools have become the norm in marketing and trend analysis, but we go much deeper than that. We analyse your customers’ behaviour to build a rich picture of your audience and understand what motivates them to purchase. This enables you to communicate with them in a much more meaningful way than ever before.

How we work with clients

We partner with our clients because we believe relationships shouldn’t be transactional. Clients think of us as part of their team; we work alongside them to help them achieve their goals, together.

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