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Business Transformation

Truly delivering Customer Experience Management requires a shift in how businesses both THINK and ACT. Brands need to focus themselves around customers and customer experience, potentially even changing how targets are set and measured, and to become more collaborative while acting with agility.

Our Transformation team can help our clients pivot to what we call an ADAPTIVE organisation, built around customer experience. This involves more than just new technology or systems; it needs new ways of working across teams, new processes and at times even a change in culture.

Merkle offers consulting services to build strategic roadmaps for change, design new operating models, increase agility and redesign team structures and processes to unlock value through the business. We can also help embed change through coaching and change management.


6 +
Core Transformation services aimed at moving our clients to an Adaptive Organisation that delivers both customer and commercial results
Bluechip clients worked on within the last 2 years in EMEA, including a number of gloabl companies
Highly capable consultants, many who also have deep client-side experience

Why it's important

Adaptiveness is key to success. Often when trying to deliver Digital or D2C Transformation, too much focus is put on technology, and not enough on people change, which ultimately leads to a lot of money being invested but a lack of value being delivered.

We can put the right focus on people including how the business itself is structured, the connections between departments, the processes for delivery and the KPIs that guide what people focus on. This in turn unlocks value and makes sure you deliver a better customer experience through your teams.

What makes us different

Everything we do is focussed on driving outcomes and unlocking value in your business.

We are not just consultants, we are practitioners. Everything we recommend is actionable, and people who have done it before can help you embed the change.

We are thought leaders in business change, culture, agility and adaptiveness, with many clients recognising the high quality of our work.

How we work with clients

When required, we start with discovery to understand where you are today and what you want to achieve, before moving on to a clearly articulated vision for transformation, based on what we want to change for your customers. We can then move onto defining and delivering the new ways of working that will improve your business.

We work collaboratively with you, and make sure all of our solutions are tailored to your unique brand and culture. There is no one right way to Transform, and so our experts will help you understand and guide you through your own journey.

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