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Latest Posts

Data-driven decisions must effectively fuel loyalty marketing

Consumers have reached a point where every single purchase decision, experience, and moment of interaction matters. Every interaction is a moment of truth for your brand, testing customers’ loyalty. So, making the right decisions has never been so important.

The future of a cookie-less world

2023 will be a significant year for the long-awaited changes to cookie policy, with around 60% of global web traffic going cookieless by 2023, and the phasing out of third-party cookies across Google Chrome in 2024.

The strategy behind Spotify Wrapped

Everyone tends to look forward to their favourite traditions over the festive period.

Retail media on the rise

Merkle understands the importance of harnessing retail media to drive connected campaigns, having recently written an article published in Campaign Magazine that demonstrates this. This rides off the back of large increases in e-commerce and spending online during the pandemic.

2023's Three top trends in media

With 2023 underway, many are wondering what the year ahead might bring. Here, we look forward to the top three trends that look sure to ramp up in the planning industry this year.

Google’s new shopping experience: How will it impact your brand’s CX efforts?

Google has introduced new designs for their search result pages in the eCommerce space, alongside many new innovations that go a long way in building a true search journey that goes beyond providing search results. Brands cannot afford to be excluded from what look more like product listing pages than search results pages, complete with product type, brand and size filters, created to personalise the search experience.