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Strategy and Transformation Consultancy

​Our Strategy & Transformation consultants identify the tasks and the means to help brands bridge the gap between customer expectations and business need.

The Strategy and Transformation Challenge

Businesses have always had to respond to change, but the pace of change is accelerating. Customers no longer want a personalised experience when they interact with a brand, they expect a great experience.  Meeting these expectations, and doing it at scale, will define brands' sucess and it is important to ensure you have the right strategy, organsiational, and technical capabilities to win in the expectation economy. ​

Meeting these expectations requires expert customer experience management (CXM).  Which means having a deep understanding of your customers, (who they are, what they value) as well as the ability to deliver value to customers seamlessly for the duration of their relationship with your brand (from acquisition to retention). 

Why it matters to your company

Without a solid strategy and adequate tools to enforce it, businesses are directionless and chase after expensive “solutions” that may not fulfil the needs of the organisation. When your teams are fully immersed in their daily roles, it can be difficult for them to take a step back and look at the long-term goals that are driving the business and assess why the KPIs they are working towards have been put in place. Putting the correct goals in place is not the end of the process, however. You need the correct organisational structures and technology in place to ensure these goals are achievable. Without either, your business can’t adequately fulfil the needs to your customers.

The Merkle solution

At Merkle, our consultants are experts in the use of data to drive the understanding of customers and design integrated omni-channel journeys (Media – CRM) that deliver mutual value to brands and their consumers.  We help architect optimal technology eco systems to enable the delivery of seamless experiences and we ensure that your organisation has the right people, culture and KPIs in place for the execution of efficient and effective customer centric marketing.

Strategy and Transformation in the broader picture

We see a disconnect between where businesses today tend to focus (data acquisition, revenue growth, etc.) and what customers want (relevance, great experiences, social responsibility).  Having clear strategic vision, the right business structure and technology will enable businesses to bridge the gap and become modern, adaptive, customer focused organisations. Our strategy and transformation consultants will help you identify the changes your organisation needs to make, in order to drive success.

Why work with us?

We don’t just consult, we also deliver.  Every area of specialism we consult in is backed by a team with deep expertise in the execution of our strategic recommendations.  We are adept at owning the delivery of strategic roadmaps but can equally integrate with your teams, to advise and upskill capabilities in order to transfer ownership of the roadmap.  ​

Our capabilities enable us to play a crucial integration role across siloed teams in your business, by producing:​

  • Shared vision​
  • Shared KPIs​
  • Connected technology​
  • Improved ways of working

Our Services

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