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PPC Tips for Travel Marketers

With all the tools available to customize paid ads, it’s now easier and more important than ever to customize and improve relevancy in any way possible. Smart travel marketers know they need to utilize any advantage available to make their ads more attractive than those of their competitors. For that reason, here we present our top 10 PPC Tips for Travel.  Following these tips will lead to better optimized, more relevant ads that convert better and ultimately drive more revenue.  This infographic will explain how to leverage Geo-targeting, Location extensions within Google AdWords, Google Ad Parameters, Specificity in ad copy, Events, conferences and regional happenings, Sitelinks, Campaign segmentation by device, Multi-lingual ad copy, Flexible bidding strategy, and Testing for success.

We wish you best of luck with your PPC campaigns this holiday season. Contact us to find out how we can help you drive incremental bookings and meet more new customers!

PPC for Travel RKG


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