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Exceptions Handling

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While most mail received for processing does not require any special handling, the key is to be able to identify non-standard transactions and then handle them as required. Most mail processing companies would simply return these “exception” pieces, such as rejects and comment mail, to you. But our “No Mail Returned” guarantee is backed by a dedicated, solution-oriented exception processing department.

When you engage Merkle Response, our team will review with you during the implementation process how to identify exceptions and develop customized processes to deal with them. We don’t believe in rigid solutions. We believe in solving your problems.

Typical exception processing examples include:

  • Sending rejected responses back to the customer
  • White mail database look up
  • Direct keying into client databases where required
  • Customer correspondence
  • Donor comment mail
  • Tributes and matching gift processing for nonprofits
  • Hand-written notes as well as auto-pen signature capabilities
  • Fulfilling annual reports, back-issues of magazines, and other special requests

Contact us today to learn more about our exceptions handling services and how we can free up your staff to focus on the activities most critical to the success of your organization.

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